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Block Demo

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**this is only a demo**
the full game im guessing will have around 10 levels, ones a lot tougher than shown here
Also will include a level editor, which will export the code for the level you have made


speed up

I assume the blank level (with no bricks or coin) was the end.

Even for a demo, a simple screen saying we won would be good.

Also, you should really speed up the movement dramatically. One problem with this genre is that we spend a while pressing buttons and just waiting for the movement to happen after having worked it all out. Yours lags at points, making it almost horrendous.

Check out Orbox, as that game managed to overcome that problem.

Also, put in #moves made for a score, maybe a timer...

I like the basic game mechanics though and the level designs were fairly well thought out.

Too short/limited and you really need to speed up the movement.


You will need a lot more than 10 levels

I finished the ones there in about 45 seconds

Cool game

Make the full version quick :D! I love these typ of games :D!!

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Me likey.

I hope you make the full version.

it could be better

it was too easy, there was one level that had nothing there, and I could've sworn I saw the same type of puzzle in a zelda game. Have some pits, obstacles, and things that'll kill the block to make things interesting. My advice to better this game is to make it so it'll hold attention to the average NG user, yet challenge smarter users.

NightingaleStudios responds:

1 lvl that had nuthing there....that wud b the lvl i hadnt started workin on yet

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2.72 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2007
12:11 AM EST
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