Spot the Difference 3

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Dedicated to Afro_stud. I'm starting a series of Spot the difference games. Expect future installments to be longer. This is mainly a test for the engine.

Let me know what you'd like to see or any problems you have.

Stay funky!

To do list (for future versions):
more levels
difficulty levels
scoring affected by lives/hints

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A simple but fun idea. I kindof liked the intresting layout of this "Spot the difference" type of game. Usually their is one picture insted of lots of difrent pictures. Like Bezman, The circle was cool.

I didn't realy like how the flags were pixleated. I think it gave it a very boring feeling. The other thing would be the lack of sound and backgrounds.

An okay game but needs some sprucing up.

~Review Request Club~

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

You're right. Flags are boring.

But it also has some educational value and also, I wanted to make some use of all the pixelly flags I'd made for the NG calendar.

The next StD game will probably be on the theme of giraffes and elephants. Something fun like that.

Thanks for the review!

Stay funky!

Pretty dull

(- The Good -)

Not a bad idea, the flags were pretty creative and diverse. Presentation was neat and the layout was clean and tidy. For some random reason I liked the stylish circle when I got it right.

(- The Bad -)

It got boring after a while. The game might have been slightly different from most but that didn't prevent it from being dull. As milinko said you could have thought up of better distractions. And instead of spotting differences in flags, there could be some other scenarios like spotting the difference on a beach or something like that. The flash also needed music, the sound of my mouse clicking made it even more tedious.

(-- Overall --)

A promising idea, that is quite dull, but could turn into an innovative game if you thought about it more.


(--- Review request club ---)

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

It's only 3 levels, and I didn't think folk would get bored of flags that quickly.

Also, I had them to hand, and they seemed good for the purposes of a test.

Once I get a properly working engine, I'll definitely start adding more interesting graphics/animation loops.

Glad you liked the presentation and mechanic, which is the only thing that'll remain in a few versions' time.

Stay funky!


^^Good Points^^
As far as trying to test our your engine for the game, it seems to be very successful to me. The game worked very well, and I felt that when I clicked on stuff, I didn't get any bullshit errors, even on the moving stages. The moving stages were a great addition as they are very hard. I couldn't beat the first moving one that I got to, which was funny, so I gave you humor points as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
Some music would be nice to add to this. I was also thinking that in harder levels perhaps you could add something really distracting, like a blinking screen or something.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Glad you liked it.

The level you couldn't beat... was actually the last level. Well, it was only a test.
(Though the engine was accidentally deleted from my hard drive...)

Great idea about having visual distractions!

Stay funky!

~Review Request Club~

Well I saw your request for review in the Club and just so happened to be bored enough to review it. Also, may I ask, why do you dedicate this to Afro_Stud? Is it because of the AdolfHitler: ATWI80D and having to do with him being in all different countries with different flags?

The menu color scheme is very nice and flashy looking. I like the font of the play button, what is it? Also, I like the design on the left of the menu is a creative picture.
The flags are techy but a little too blurry. I would've gone with a little more realistic flags but that might've made it harder to make differences. =\

This is pretty creative and original... for Newgrounds. There are plenty of these types of games over the web. There should be more features like facts, or a little movie/animation for each level. (maybe hentai pics! Just kidding =])

Well there wasn't any sound (maybe my speakers are busted) and good flash movies need sound. And for Spot The Difference 4 you could add sound and audio to this game. And for that, a "No Audio" button and maybe choices for other songs.

The interaction is pretty good. All the stuff a good game should have but it left you hanging... and wanting more. So many features you could've... and should've added.

Like I said before, sound, more gameplay and most of all... MAKE ANOTHER ONE!! =D

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Thanks for the really thorough review. Great to read a fuller review that has space to make the points a little more clearly.

The dedication has nothing to do with AH:ATWI80D.

The original Spot the Difference game was made in 2003. Submitted by Bezman - my main account. Afro_stud was 'lent' that via the co-authoring system, while we were trying to work out something about the BA system last year. He made a 'sequel' saying, "The long-awaited sequel is finally here!"

It was actually just an excuse to upload a gay hentai pic.

And that piece of history is the reason for the dedication.

Also, he's been really helpful in his feedback to some of my stuff - via reviews, MSN and e-mail.

Glad you liked the font! It's a font I made myself. The number of pixels is the same as in the Aiwa hifi's and whilst the numbers/a couple of the letters were pretty much copied directly, I worked out how to place most of the characters myself.

You can download it in my site for non-commercial purposes.
http://www.aciddimensions.com /get/

The design is actually my site's logo. Again, I'm glad you like it!

The flags were all originally made at 12x12 pixels. I actually thought it might be kinda cool to have a sorta pixel-art style going on. From all the reviews, it seems no-one felt the same way I did.

If I take the time to redraw the flags, spotting differences would - if anything - be easier. But copying flags isn't very exciting.

Facts about the countries? That will come... in my own AtWI80D series. Not in 'spot the difference' though. This series will just contain images. Although maybe text may form part of the images... thanks for the idea!

Sound - later. Yeah.

Interactivity - features I should've added? Like what? Just the stuff I already put on the 'to-do' list? Or something else? Tell me!

I really want to make another one, but I hate programming. In a freak accident I lost all the ,fla files for this and so I don't know if I can bring myself to spend 3 hours making all the same functions I did before.

I will sometime if I have to, but it may be longer than a week.

Glad you liked it and I'm confident you'll enjoy #4 even more!

Nice gameplay

Add some music and sound. Make the quality and graphics on the flags better. Make some humor somehow and some violence

The gameplay was fun though.

Review Request Club

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

wasn't entirely sure why you were complaining about the graphics of the flags. It became apparant after the following review that everyone hates my pixel-art style.

Ah well.

Everything you asked for will come by, say, #6. Apart from violence.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2007
8:12 PM EST
Puzzles - Difference