Armed Invasion

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This is my first flash game, Hope you enjoy, check it out on arcadetown.com... Enjoy!


10/10 8)

i think the game was really good and i give it a ten like the game is a type of game that you could get into but dont you think it gets hard too fast and i loved the upgrade is the type that you could notice

Very Well done

I really liked the music, and the simplistic yet addicting gameplay, i look forward to the sequel

Good Work

Looking forward to the sequel :)

Good game

I thought this game was very fun... Could have been more interesting with more units, and maybe more upgrades as the person before me said. Maybe like adding defense turrets on the field or something like that. Basically the game was good though very fun and the difficulty increases at a nice pace and the explanations of the new units attacking you were very helpful. Keep up the good work!

Ehrenck responds:

Thanks for the feedback! As far as defense turrets go? I am not sure I understand... You have the ability to buy "smart" turrets which automatically track and kill enemies, are you referring to something else?? As far as more enemies go, I totally agree, and there will be more in the sequel, coming soon!! :)


Hey, I'm number 1!! Woot. Anyway, the looped music got annoying by level 14...Would have been a little more interesting with a. some more upgrades and b. some more enemy types, helicopters, airplanes...etc. I really like the game. By the end the soldiers were moving so fast I had trouble focusing on the screen...Good job.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2007
3:37 PM EST
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