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Rusty's Revenge

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This game took me hours to make so hopefully you guys like it. This is the third game ive ever made, and the first shooter game I ever made. Starts off as a puzzle, your stuck in a room, then there's a 30 second gore scene, then you are able to shoot at fat nerds, anyways im not gonna spoil it. Please give me positive critism, i recently launched a website so check it out, ive been doing flash for 4 months so tell me if I have potential, thanks guys, and enjoy.

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ok but hear me out. im not a furry and dont like furries.... but i do like rabies. gimme the rat

omg rusty sucks

EVRYTHING bad happens to that guy. great job with the nerds roflmao funny as hell. but u could have at least made his wife hot.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

LOL! ya he's desperate dating that ugly samsquatch

can be improved

you should have given more bullets

JunkYardAnimations responds:

i was a shit ass coder when I made that game, my newer games will be better

too fun let me know if you da a part 2

it kind of reminds me of the peco games a little but this is a cool are you going to make more. this is real stress releif for the working man. also you have a small glitch the on the nerd shooting part the nerd who is close up on you moves to fast and takes all your life on the next hit even if you shoot him on time. also their is no way to shoot projectiles that the last nerd throws

JunkYardAnimations responds:

the nerd with scissors he hits u the first time no matter what lol, but u CAN get him the second time. then on the boss he hits you with the tv no matter what BUT YOU CAN hit him from the right, then the left. its tough but its possible, people have beat it, and ive beat it many times, ive played out all the flaws so just keep at it. thanks for the 10 bro. check out 'dont be late for work'


I didn't see anything particularly wrong with it, better than all the crap Kitty Krew puts out. but I couldn't even get out of the first room. I found the magnet, and the pin, but after that, I couldn't get shit. I clicked on the whole freakin screen and still nothing. But, I've read the other reviews, and I would say, If you are going to kill someone, kill a pregnant woman. It's more efficient. Two birds with one stone, you know. But anyways, just work on it, make the graphics better, and make it longer (and put some faq or control list or something, for those of us who couldn't even get out of the first freakin' room) and you'll be good. Kind of reminded me of Deja Vu for NES. Good job.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

k once u get the pin u stick it above the light bulb. there should be a small hole. good luck