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Let America be free. Let the troops survive. Support the troops!

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Wow, amasing you put this on.

You see, I understand this, but it doesn't apply to me for I'm Canadian, I know your'e American and you must explain to stand for our country. But mabye be a little more in general. Americans are not the only people on Newgrounds, there are Canadians, Europeans, and lots more. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm telling you a fact that showing off your country, or whatever is not accepted in some countrys that use the net almost every day! Like I said, I'm not trying to be mean, but hepfully serious.

EX-Death responds:

This video is suppose to only be for Americans, but if your not American, then you can just enjoy the footage.

I'm a vet, so what are you saying exactly?

I may be a little older than the average bear watching the clips on this site. I'm a 30 year old vet. I fully support the troops who fight and die for this country, as I was once one of them, and would have done the same. I support the troops due to the fact that once they sign on the dotted line thay have no choice, what so ever, as to where they serve or in what function the do that service. This animation is over the top in it's blind obedience to the right wing ideals of the present administration. I dont want to see any more of my brothers and sisters (and they do become so, regardless of lineage, when you serve with them) die in such a pointless manner. This flash is, in my oppinion is less than. Your view is aberrant.

EX-Death responds:

Listen here. When someone chooses to die for your country, doesn't that show something of them? That shows that they have heart and honor. I am sorry for what happened to your brother and sisters.

thank you

on behalf of all the sailors in naval base great lakes i thank you from the bottom of our hearts we really do appreciate it and u know wut i say fuck you to the guy who left a comment right b4 me as a military member i thank you in thought it was a great piece and that guy is unpatriotic and if he doesnt like the way we do business in this country he can leave and go to libya or iraq or sumwhere else where they cant enjoy the freedoms that my brothers in arms are out there dying for

EX-Death responds:

I congratulate you on being a soldier. I am glad that you liked my flash animation based on supporting the troops. Every troop in America needs our attention and support.


Everyone already supports the troops. The whole "support the troops" campaign mistakes supporting the troops for supporting the war. Regardless whatever one's stance on the war is, essentially everyone supports the troops. Furthermore, the flash is manipulative with its assertions of what it means to be American, which is a fallacious tactic in persuasion.

EX-Death responds:

The troops are not all being supported. Lots of people in America have absolutely no heart for the troops, the president, or the wars. Support the troops!

Not Great, Not Horrible...

While I'd love to vote this bad, I can't because I've mixed feelings about things like that. The whole "Support the Troops" Campaign has been going on long enough in my personal opinion, but this was a decent dedication to it.

EX-Death responds:

Thank you. Support the troops!

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Jan 11, 2007
9:55 PM EST
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