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SRM Holiday Extravagornza

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Author Comments

A little late on the holiday uptake, SRM teaches us all the meaning of Qwanzamas.
Happy Qwanzamas everybody!

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Merry Quanzamas

Ah, the joy of seeing the more functional animation, the completely dysfunctional plot and SRM doing his thing in his own style is brilliant. I think that there is a great thing said for your writing by the way that you remember things that happened earlier in the series and threw in things like the cousins now being dead in the closet. Perhaps you can bring them back as part of a Halowe'en special?

The idea of getting into a knife fight with Santa is funny, but the way that it means that no-one in the house will get any presents any more gets past the fact that Santa wouldn't bring presents anyway (sorry kids) and gives us an excuse for more off the wall madness.

At this point, the sound quality is starting to let the side down, but I'm confident that you can surpass this with future flash, getting used to the equaliser and sorting those issues out before publishing. It's nice to see that things are starting to get themselves into nicely coherent works.

I almost suggested going back and redoing old episodes, but we never saw that with The Simpsons or Family Guy, because they sucked at the start, compared to the new animation techniques and the way that the voices have developed. Don't do that, as that I feel would be a step backwards for you - get your new material out there, as that's the main way to get new fans.

I've not noticed that much difference with your voices, but that might be down to the relative age. Perhaps with time, a small, but discernible difference will creep into the voices, who knows?

[Review Request Club]

Battosai810 responds:

I don't think I ever called back to the dead cousins Ted and Fred, but versions of them were used in a tribute/parody to SRM a fan of mine made called SSM. They're pretty obscure but hey, I like callbacks a lot as you can see!

The sound quality in this is better than in my earlier toons, and it stays at this level of quality until the end of 2007. Night of the Living Spud has the worst sound I think, but it's sequel: NOTLS2: Spud Terror is when I started getting serious about having good sound and figured out the appropriate publish settings to make my cartoons sound good.

I've thought of redoing cartoons every so often - I wanted to remake Jeb City at one point, and I thought earlier about remaking the first Jebediah cartoon where they're on paper. I decided it's better to move forward though.

My voice doesn't change too much, it's a little deeper in my later cartoons because I grew up a bit, but I always had a pretty deep voice. Anyway, thanks for watching and reviewing!


Qwanzamas Fishball??? My, god. These SRM movies are so stupid. But I didn't say it wasn't hilarious!

You make my favourite series in the whole of NG.

Anyways, any news on Wuggeh?

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you like these toons! Always good to bring a new fan into the fold.
I just redesigned Wuggeh and he'll be showing up in my next Flash.

Ha! I finally known it!

If this movie is in 2007, then the first Qwanzamaas started in January 11, 1996.

Battosai810 responds:

Sounds about right - I should be making a Qwanzaamas toon next year, since I didn't for 2009 :(
Then again, more SRM Transformers came of it, which isn't a bad thing.


lol omg funny

Battosai810 responds:

Have a happy Qwanzaamas, since I didn't make one for 09.

thats no fishball

its a (to my disgust) fish turned inside out (I think) but still funny as heck

Battosai810 responds:

It's just a ball of fish bits that are all sort of alive. Glad you liked it!

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2007
7:36 PM EST