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Broken Wing

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Author Comments

This is has turned out crap. The characters look awful, especially the guy's hands. The bird doesn't fly properly and the whole thing is a drag. Hopefully my next flash will be better :)
The music is great though, it's a piece by my friend Joe Volante. Originally titled "Oceans".

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Extremely sad, but happy movie

i loved this. the characters don't look awful like the author thinks though. i cried through the absolute whole thing. in fact, i am teary eyed right now!

everything in this movie was inspiring and perfect.

did you put this on youtube? if you haven't, you should, it has well potential to be a featured video.

there aren't words to describe this. simply a perfect movie. i rated it a 10, but if there was a choice to go any higher, id pick infinity.

A boy without spirit gets exactly what he needs when he nurses a bird back to health.

simply a masterpiece. i'll be watching this every day for the next year, at least!

am i exxagerating? i think i am, but great job, man.

i haven't ever cried like that =]

A nice, sad cartoon

This cartoon was very emotional, and I decided to vote for it for my monthly top 10. I really liked the happy ending, and I cried throughout the movie. Great job!

misterjoe responds:

Hey thanks for the monthly vote :) I'm glad it struck a chord with someone.
Thanks for the comment!

mhh keey

well like you said it urself, you ened to work ebtter on the graphics... those hands really are something!! and what i think was ugly 2, was the flying bird... those wings flapped weird... well thats the bad stuff.. now the good stuff: violence a 6... well... the bird had a bleeding wound,, and sound was good... matched perfectly... style.. well could be improved but doesnt have to be... interactivity... i always give movies a 0 escept when there are play buttons and stop buttons and rewind buttons etc.

well overall a 7... its good.. but improve ur movies when u make more..

misterjoe responds:

Your right.


Well, the story isn't all that great, predictable and more made for the music than for anything else. I'm guessing you already know your characters need more work. Add expression into their eyes (especially that little bird -- it was flying but it looked depressed) and don't use the same animation loop, it looks really awkward. Also, fix the part where the bird falls... It looks like he decided to suicide and slowly walk off :/ But on the plus side, the trees looked nice :D

misterjoe responds:

The bird was happy, but there is an intentional sadness in it's eyes because it's leaving it's saviour.
Your right about the animation loop though, it does look awkward.

I think I might rework the whole falling thing too... on second thoughts I'm just gonna leave this one behind me :)

Really good!

I liked the graphics, the music was perfect for the flash! Kepp up the good work!