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Fire vs. Water

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"A powerful fire wizard battles the forces of off-screen water!"

Just a bit of fun. Enjoy.

EDIT: Thanks to the reminder of a reviewer (you know who you are) this film now features a very special guest.

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not bad one

that was an alright animation. nice idea to it, but i think that a bigger explaination of the idea wouldve suited this one though.

great but....

Where's the other guy??

Is not it supposed that there's another man?

I liked the blood part... well done... but you're dead, dude...

SF-Flash-Team responds:

You're right, I forgot to put someone in at the end. I'll do that now before Judgement is reached.


nothing really happened lol, it was just boring.
BUT you're wearing a pure pwnage shirt so i decided you couldn't be too much of a n00b xD

SF-Flash-Team responds:

Phew! I knew wearing that shirt was a good idea. And something did happen... I was killed. By water. Didn't you see? I'm dead. I think I deserve a high score in honour of my life.

Anyway thanks. =)

that's all?

it was cool and every thing, but why was it so short? =/

SF-Flash-Team responds:

1) I'm slightly lazy
2) I have a couple of assignments due, and I was eager to get onto them, but I knew if I stopped doing this now I'd never finish.
3) It's only my first try at this sort of thing. Maybe next time. Thanks anwyay, I'm glad you liked it! :)

haha, good one!

Pretty cool, not very good special effects but they were okay.
I liked the ending!
Keep it up!

SF-Flash-Team responds:

Thank you :)