Ultimate Prophet Episode3

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I would like to thank the members of Newgrounds for all the positive feedback so far. It really encourages me to continue making these.

In this episode, Thalius has finally made it out of the sewer and has made his way to Leonito's castle. But his journey is not over yet. He must make his way through the castle while avoiding the 3 assassins, and the deadly traps that lie in his wake. Only time will tell Thalius's fate.

Also, there is an easter egg in Scene IV. See if you can find it.



Nice job! Hahahaha!

Super awesome flash I'm voting five!

Good greif..

I cant beleive that their were enough slack-jawed eejits on Newgrounds to vote this turd in. In fact, by looking at your other "Animations", this has happened multipal times. Note to you 'tards, THERE IS JUST A BLACK SCREEN, NOTHING ELSE.
This "Over hype shit animation" gag is ancient, either come up with a good animatin or fuck off.

i will describe this flash

it loads.... blank screen....thats it?

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Ha ha

10 megs of black screen is A-class humour.

But seriously, fix the flash.


ditto to what the last person said. black screen. and music ONLY played when i pressed forward, but it was still a black screen.

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2.57 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2007
12:39 AM EST
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