Ultimate Prophet Episode1

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Joseph Adams, your regular American businessman, encounters a near fatal accident on his way home from work. He spends seven months in a coma. As he slumbers, he is blessed by the 3 prophets and chosen to save the world from Leonito, a rising cult leader who controls 70% of the world's crime syndicates. It is only a matter of time before Leonito unleashes his fury upon the world. When Joseph awakens, he knows his purpose. He knows he is blessed by the prophets. He knows he must defeat Leonito and become... The Ultimate Prophet.



wtf. why isn't it playing damnit?!

Waste of time loading

There is no point waiting the 2 minuites for the movie to load as there is a huge fault. IT DOSENT PLAY!! You cant see anything but a black screen. No music playing either

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Please fix the following, A: it doesn't play there is just a black screen with "I'm a scat man" playing in the background. That is all.

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You might wanna check this out and fix it. After that possibly resubmit this cuz it sounds like it has a nice story behind it. Um so yeah the 0 out of 10 is self explainable from there because it's a black screen.

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not good

it's a blank screen with music. it might be broken.

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2.03 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
8:04 PM EST
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