Michael's Stand-Up 3

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I expose the shocking truth about Pac-Man.

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Better than 2

I'm really liking this series especially since, from a technical perspective, you're constantly improving.

++I was espeically fond of the hand gestures and the cut away from the audience. Great job adding a much needed tint to the last scene. That's the attention to detail I've come a appreciate from your animations.

- I feel like I'm the only person in the audience--even with the laugh track. Whenever Mike looks at the audience, he's basically just looking directly at me. It'd be nice if his eyes could steadily make eye-contact with other imaginary audience members in the crowd. It'd also be better if you could have him rotate or cut to a new angle every now and then where you can see Mike and the audience at the same time. Maybe even a similar perspective like the one you have now but with the back of people's heads in the foreground.

+Longer is good. I'd still like to see something that covers an array of material. It's really hard to start laughing with only a minute worth or just one topic of a stand up routine.

Overall, I liked it and I thought it was better than #2. However, the symbol recycling irks me a bit and I hope it doesn't become a habit of yours.

Not bad!

This was quite funny, and the animation was nice. You did a good job synching facial expressions to the audio track, and the recording was high quality.

However, the canned laughter really ruined it for me. It didn't bother me at first, but there were a few moments where it seemed inappropriate, and I got that feeling you get sometimes when you watch sit-coms that you're supposed to laugh even though what you just heard wasn't really all that funny (specifically, I'm thinking abut the part where you called Mrs. Pac-Man a slut. Why would that get such a big laugh? That's just name-calling. You'd have to, at the very least, reference her suggestive pose on the cover of every Mrs. Pac Man game to earn that as an actual joke.)

Anyway, other than that, this was spot-on, so you still get a good score. Fix the canned alughter, and you'll get a better one. :-)

Great Job

Good job, I love your style of animation and humor, but the violence wasn't too great=]. Just kidding. You should really make more of these, well done!

Funny :D

The animation was pretty good, so kudos on that.

I really like your style, this type of animation is great.

And of course it was really funny, hope to see more :)

Very good

Yes I liked this alot... gave me a new view on pac-man, lol, but the only bad thing I noticed was that the sound was kinda bad, but besides that the movie was really funny!

THX for making this movie!!

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3.65 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
6:11 PM EST
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