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Edible Castle #1

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Here's the first short in the Edible Castle series. I hope you all enjoy it.

Written & voiced by Andy Dennis.
Animated by Will Arbuckle.

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Wow! Using voices to make sound effects in a short film about a group of knights who live in a palace that kinda smells like cheese.

This was good, but it was too short. Still, I appreciate the start of a popular series. I especially loved seeing this animation. It looks like you omitted the black lines completely. I think that was also used in "Samurai Jack". I understand the title.

Why would he be offended by cheese? I thought he was talking about him personally. Wait, maybe he was. This was good for a short little cartoon. The later ones are better.

haha wow the first part of the series in edible castle. Number 11 was the first one I watched so I am going back to waTCH ALL THE PREVIOUS ONES) SORRY FOR THE CAPS I AM NOT YELLING MY CAPS LOCK KEY JUST HAD AN UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT. )


Much like Cuboy I love the little sound effects.

Gotta say I can't believe this gem slipped past me when it came out because this movie is full of charm and all that good stuff. Sure it was short but I assume that it was supposed to be that way. Nicely done I'll be sure to check out the rest of the series!