Swords and Sandals 2

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At last, the sequel to the popular gladiator game is here. All new tournaments, ranged weapons, magic spells and powerful new champions to battle. This is a promo version of the game ... in the full version players can also save up to ten gladiators and guide them to fame and fortune in the arena. Version 1.03 fixes numerous bugs and allows gladiators to finish the first 3 tournaments.

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Buggy, and over rated in my opinion. The enemy is seemingly able to perform any action they desire, even resting at full strength. They are able to attack you out of range, and early on has access to ranged weapons, which apparently, in a duel, the first to deal HP damage to their opponent is the automatic winner.
I eventually lost because my opponent was able to strike me out of range, getting me into a stun lock by constently setting my on fire with a seemingly guarenteed hit, while I would need to attempt to 'charge' the enemy for drastically reduced hit chance.

This game was really enjoyable at the time, and it still is. But it kind of gets a bit repetitive with the only thing being first blood battles and tournaments. This version isn't the full one, which is why I suggest the full version as well.

Terrible game. No saving.

best game ever
i ded

Its fun for a while, but after you die you can't save or restart where you died and sometimes it feels like you can never hit anything. But the enemy will always heavy hit crit you 24/7