[KK] Kitty Samurai

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Sorry about some of the glitches, like jumping left, you have to hit up THEN left. You can also hit m at almost anytime to pop up the music menu, can't use while in a level. Also you might not be able to move for a little bit on boss battles unless you have a good computer.

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Everything here is actually well worked on,like the ramdom stuff being creative and lots of different death animations!


^^Good Points^^
I'm certainly not going to say that this game wasn't fun to play and pretty humorous just because its KK. Honestly I was quite surprised by how fun this game was. Each level was very different from the last and had different game play types and objectives. Nice job on this one.

^^Needs Improving^^
One thing I found annoying was that you can't hit up and left at the same time to jump left. You can do it going right, but to jump left you have to first jump, release up and press left. Just a little annoying.

I absolutely hate kitty krew entries...

except for this one. You actually put effort into making this game, unlike most of the other kitty krew entries that are just a picture of hitler with spurting poop. There were flaws, but this was a really good game.

P.S. Loved the Edgar Allen Poe part!

kenny responds:

Me too, Poe is da shit.

This game fucking rules!

I was playing this for a while. I got stuck on the level where you have to jump over the fire though. I didn't know how to get past that part. Anyway, excellent game, I like how you can change weapons and the bad guys die a different way depending on what weapon you hit them with!

Also, thanks for using one of my pieces of music, but I didn't get far enough into the game to hear it!

kenny responds:

At the menu screen or any winning or losing screen, hit "m" and the music screen will pop up. Your song's in there. To get past the fire you shoot the painting behind it with fire. Water will fall on the fire.

Fuckin' A!

This is definitly one of the best games on Newgrounds! So what the graphics aren't shiny, they still pwn the shit out of everything! The music & sound effects are top notch & the story alone is better than Final Fantasy! All in all, a five for you!

kenny responds:

That's what I thought, but most people don't agree...

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2007
6:31 PM EST