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I Hate Whales 2

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Ive gone into futher research about whales and have discoverd another shocking truth. Soon you will find out why whales are so dangeruse and why we must kill each one of them for the greater good.

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well i guess i should laugh right??


Well, you should also know that the same water we pee on is recycled.

What that means is that it goes through a lot of chemicals to clean it, then the government gives it back to us to drink.

So... whale piss in the ocean isnt all that bad. Whales have been around since millions of years ago. If they were really having that bad of an effect on the environment, we wouldnt be here now, would we?

I dont know if you were serious on what you said it your comments. But whales are living beings, you dont get to decide who lives or dies. Kill all the whales and guess what buddy? The ocean will get overpopulated with krill and fish, they will eat all the algae, and resources. They will go extinct along with all the other species of marine animals. Next thing you know, species of birds start dying off because of lack of food.

So... plant some trees if its too much of a deal for you. Whales do more good than bad.

The study you mentioned sounds completely stupid

Don't you mean SEMEN?

after all, the oceans are salty as hell.



This reminds me

Deceased Crab also hates whales. That's why I found it hilarious. Did you know there is a whale killing game?

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Jan 7, 2007
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