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Circle Boy Remasturd DEMO

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Author Comments

EDIT: This is the second update of the preview, in which he follows the land... kinda. Yay!

INFO: Runs quite slowly on NG and doesn't have a preloader (to be added in the full version). You also CAN move through small land, and aren't supposed to roll down slopes.

This is a PLATFORM GAME PREVIEW. I don't want anybody who hates platform games to vote 0, but I do want them to not vote at all, unless they aren't reviewing with their gaming disability in mind. I also don't want any hardcore nerds who think that my submitting of this when it clearly says, "If this is a preview, trailer or demo of an unfinished project, please submit it to NG ALPHAS!" (No offense, just in case anyone is offended by that.)

Well, since hardly ANYONE reads the NG ALPHAS, I might as well put it in here and get more publicism, which is obviously a good thing. Please tell about any times you occur any glitches, and if it's the one where the you seem to fall through the ground unable to move, tell me where you encounter it, because I tried to close up all the bad spots. Also, there isn't any music because I'm pretty sure you guys could get yourself some Linkin Park or something, but I might add some in the final project.

Yes, the Circle Boy series, along with most of my other games too, (this is the 3rd, and don't ask to see the others, they're shitty) is my first project I've done without sprites. I do do desktops though (probably to be packed with some flash movies in a flash, as not to violate any rules), and make characters (like, the body and movable parts) that I could animate, but don't feel like it.

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verry hard

BUT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A good start.

I really like the concept, it has the same sort of feel as that Snowball Jo game, but it's faster. It feels really cool to play.

Like the others said, you need to work out the glitches. If you are using the hittest method for collision detection and want some help with it I can take a look at it. I'm working on my own platformer at the moment, so I might be able to point out the same problems I ran into. Physics can be a real pain in the butt...

Bomber109 responds:

I never even heard of Snowball Jo, and just searched on Google and in the portal with no results!

Yeah, the glitches aren't good at all. I know of, like, 4 - faze through ground unable to move, fall through (small platforms) at high velocities, the vertical-scrolling pulled through side, and the (in the later levels), the missing stats glitch. Maybe I could need a little help... I want to see a preview of your game first. PM me.

In general, thanks for everything.


could use with some work, like the fact that he doesn't really follow the terrain for shit. it was good, otherwise, but that little problem messed me up a lot, I died, like, 7 times on lvl one 'cuz he would fall through the graphics as I moved.

Bomber109 responds:

First of all, it he isn't supposed to follow the terrain for shit. I don't really experience very much falling anymore because I've been working on this since Dec 8th, but I do understand how less experienced people could get stuck on that little part there with the live and the coin.

okay but could do better

that was a cute ball but i found a glitch on lv 1-3 or at least to me the bal was going up those ladder stairs and then it vanished from site and from the top place i saw it falling through those grassy places then it went black wat was that?

yeah i gave it a 6 cause it was kind of funny falling though i fell so many times it became kinda hard its interactivity was okay but it only used 3 buttons it wasnt violent but it had some since you fall
sound i have no idea was my volume down or did it not have any but ill keep it a 3 since i have no idea style was alright and graphics well it was kinda well drawn yeah just fix that glitch.

Bomber109 responds:

There is probably a largest glitch on lvl 1-3, I don't know why, but when you get stuck between that ladder-like platform and the edge of the screen, you fall down, and occasionally you get that black screen thing.
"it wasnt violent but it had some since you fall" Rofl.


Really fun game

You need to work on all those glitches though

Bomber109 responds:

Thanks a ton. What glitches though? Can somebody PLEASE tell me which/what glitches you people are referring to?

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2007
7:17 PM EST