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Cat Fling

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Author Comments

This took about 3 months to complete. This is one of my larger projects. Grab the cat, spin it, and throw it. It is as simple as that. Have fun, and thank you in advance for your comments.

EDIT: Fixed round bug, fixed gammer errors.

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I thought this was a cute cat game.. till i got my cat to go to space and HE BROKE HIS JAW AND TEETH did not expect that my jaw hurt for the next 2 hours just thinking about it

its alright

High score 84625, getting into space and 6x each time with 44 rotations and 31000 score in the top throw, and at the end, the cat is the same amount of beaten up when I just set him down again all 3 times and scored only 75. I wonder if it's any different if you get to 100k.

When he's just sitting there on the hill, I don't WANT to throw him. All but one of the neighborhood cats around here, sure, they're a bunch of rotten cats that crap on my porch at 4 in the morning because they know I hate it, and keep a distance of 40 feet from anyone who tries to pet them (not that I WOULD want to at this point, but when I first moved here). I'd want to throw them. But this cat, with a "I'm a nice cat" look on his face, sitting on the hill, before you pick him up, I just want to scratch behind his ears darnit.

But it's not a real cat and for the purpose of the game, I might as well score as many points as possible.

If you don't have a stinking touchpad and tiny, tiny close together keys on a ridiculously tiny keyboard and a computer that you hate, the way I do, and actually have a decent amount of control over when your computer acknowledges when you let go of the mouse button, note that he loses rotational momentum whenever he gets to the left or right sides of the screen in flight. So to maximize rotations, let go when the velocity is purely vertical. Also, of course, moving UP as fast as possible. Maximizing the upward velocity of course increases the duration. And of course having a maximum ACCELERATION to the right at the moment of release (supposing you toss him clockwise - and I don't know if it's my bias, but it seems to work better that way), but also the VELOCITY to the right or left should be as close to 0 as possible.

Goddamn, why am I obsessing over details of optimization strategies for a game with such a detestable premise. By golly, it could at least have an animated opening sequence that starts with the introduction story that this cat shit all over your picnic, or snuck into your house while your garage was open and killed your own pet, or something. As it is, it's just attacking him for no reason. But of course it's not a real cat and it's not excessively gory about it and as others below have pointed out (unless I just didn't get a high enough score), it gives the concession to the overall vulgar premise of the game that it shows the cat at the end very much alive, just unhappy and moderately injured but not in a crippling way. I'm gonna pretend that a little girl THEN found him and dressed him up in miniature dresses and pushed him around in a little stroller and kept him close forever and ever and ever. Yay. Happy ending. And then when he gets old, she builds a robot body for him. But his cat brain interacts with the electronics in the robot body, turning him into a super-intelligence that assumes the role of a cat god who punishes cat throwers the world over by mutating their DNA and turning them into cats themselves. Gotta have a twilight zone ending there.

Well, it's a simple game. Not an amazingly great game, but there's nothing that earns a low rating from me like an overly complicated game that isn't amazingly great to make up for it.


awesome game

I dare ya to go lower than 75!!!

I really like cats (I especially liked this one for some reason), so I felt sorry for the little guy. My favorite look for the cat was actually BEFORE the fling. On an unrelated note, the cat's face during the "wind-up" looks a lot like Tails's (from Sonic) face when he is sad or disapointed.

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2007
5:16 PM EST
Skill - Toss