The Empty Bottle (Zelda)

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(What's wrong with the looping? Guess I need help here.)
I suddenly had a thought one day; isn't the empty bottle extremely versatile for a small jug made of glass? Well, anyway, they're in almost every Zelda game. That's probably Nintendo asking us to save our bottles and re-use them, for clever uses such as keeping fairies in case we die. Hey, you never know when those Moblins are going to strike...
Anyway, I spent a good 2.10442 days on this. I'd like to thank Flashkit.com for the music and LH Michael for saying whatever I put infront of him.
Bah, what went wrong with the looping?? It's perfect on my computer.



that suck really bad and good luck next time


Great concept, bur PLEASE fix the voiceover - it is dull and ruins the joke. Oh yeah - capture not captivate

Keep making these flash!

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Dream-Hazard responds:

The voiceover was really that bad? Hm, maybe I should have just stuck with human voice actors. Still, thanks for reviewing my first attempt. :D I found your review useful, and I'll take it into account.
'Capture'. Thought it sounded strange. :P

This had real potential

But I agree with the last guy, the computer voice just wasn't approriate for this. If you did the voice over with someone who could do like the cheesy Oxiclean salesman voice it would probably be a lot better, but I do like your drawing style.

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Nice idea and pictures (did you draw them?). Good point but lose the computer voice, realy it makes it much worse than it could have been

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"creully captivate small creatures?


CAPTURE! You wanted to say CAPTURE.

oh well. you lost me with the computer voice and lack of animation in general.

Dream-Hazard responds:

More animation, more voice acting. Got it.
Oh yeah, and better grammar. XD

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2.39 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2007
6:53 AM EST
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