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The Red Line

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This is a collaboration of several members of the Newgrounds Art Forum. The idea was to post drawings that contain a red line, making it possible to conjoin the single pictures.
There were more than 100 drawings, so I had to leave some out. Thanks to everyone who contributed. My apologies to everyone who didn't make it into the flash version.

The Original Thread:
search the NG BBS for "Red Line" or click the link in the movie.

Rutz, 1337brandcrackers, fuzz, theXtraordinary, misterdog, Kidiri, ShirtTurtle, Trinidex, bucher, ArthurGhostly, TheWingedHeart, Dark-Spark, elkrobber, Grif392, RedHotPollio
AlbinoFoxes, Silvercherryclock, EvilKlown, Mogly, fuhQ2, FluffBall, BlueDinosaur (now known as Lazyfeet), joe-spink, Spikrodd, Maiden4ever, DoomyCheese, TomAzza, TheGrass, Conduck (now known as EvIL-duck-from-hEll), ThePsychoSheep, LuigiBot, Tasty-Turnips, Odd-Job, Bunzi, Brandonyu2000, InsertFunnyUserName, DrunkenCat, Angel-of-Death, toxygen, Chromius, KicktheCAN, ExtraTim, Chalis, monkeyman478, NM-Productions, Devils-Apprentice, DariusR, Zwe, Shawtey, Gmagnum, shadowolf, JunkyCow, toddy-teamblob, SirNightOwl, T-W-I-D, mraw.



I think that this flash is really cool and quite unconventional because of the fact that first: it was made from a thread, second: it isnt really a video, more like a long chain of drawings (REALLY AWESOME ONES), and third: it is like a collab with a like a hundred artists to it. luvin' it.

great job!

Before this was made, I always visited the red line thread because it was really interesting just to watch how people contributed. Great idea to make it into the flash. Loved it.


RANDOM SHIT DUDE LOVED IT SHOWES THE FUN U CAN HAVE WITH A RED LINE btw (random-->)i saw this car with a lisence plate saying x4 sum...........think about that for a while


I did a few of these because I was bored and felt like doodling, I had no idea it'd be made into a collab!

Nice job all around, it really worked out

wow never ending lol

that went on for a long time lol great work !!!! nice one :)

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4.30 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2007
5:26 PM EST