LHM - Endless Handbag 98'

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LHM - Endless Handbag 98' (Dj Sonik Cover)

Hey guys,
so this is my submission for the N G A P 10th Anniversary Contest, I re-made every part of this tune from scratch in attempt to cover the NGAP Classic "Endless Handbag Loop 98' "

I hope you guys enjoy it ;D

Original Loop: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/1683
Original Full Version: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/18731

Follow Dj Sonik @;
www.facebook.com/thedjson ik
www.soundcloud.com/thedjs onik

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This was cool

So this was kind of cool here you have a nice sound here on this one it has a unique sound about it some really nice vibe that comes out of this and forms a strong yet unique flavour about it all so really nice job on this one, no changes are needed

No changes are needed.


DreamEater responds:

Thank you very much for listening fam

I dig the groove, man. This is probably the only track that someone covered that I didn't have to go back and reference. It's the newgrounds theme song afterall. As I already said, the groove is nice. Would've liked to have heard you get a little more crazy with it. Got kinda boring at some spots, but over all I dig the vibe.



Wowww, finally someone covers what's basically considered the Newgrounds theme song. I was worried it would get neglected!

The production is awesome. You're one of the people on Newgrounds who I can always expect great sounds, solid mixing and good production in general. The snare/clap in your beat is just golden and works so well. In fact all your drums are just perfect. I would've liked a bit more character in synth at 1:05 since it feels a bit plain compared to the original's, but honestly other than that your sounds are splendid, and complemented nicely by the aforementioned good production value.

Having said that, I expected a LOT more from you, man. I know what you're capable of making and this does not live up to it, mainly in terms of creativity. The creativity factor is not present here; most of the awesome ideas in this cover are ideas that I can't credit you for because they were in the original. This feels overall quite bare and lacking intricate thought put into it. You've got some much more high-quality sounds and production than the original has, but that alone isn't enough to constitute a high mark. Not quite sure what's happening at 0:46 too. I love your idea but it's not executed as well as I would've hoped.

A bit of a disappointment overall, but still a good attempt with production that's hard to fault. Decent work!


SCORE: 6.5/10


The Good:
-Nice mixing.
-Some nice variation in the rhythms.
-I actually like the robotic vocals.

The Not-So-Good:
-There isn't much interesting in this at all, to be honest. There's almost no sound that isn't in the original.
-Transitions transitions transitions. 0:46 - random silence after losing pretty much everything but sfx and drums, very disorienting.

Overall: Score of 3/10. There's really not much I can say about this. It needs more original content, more actual music in there, and less random swapping in and out of patterns which sound almost as if they're cut-and-paste from the original.

Sorry if this sounds pretty harsh, but these are my thoughts. Take 'em or leave 'em.

DreamEater responds:

to be fair man, I don't agree at all ;]

1. This was made to be a cover, so there shouldn't be any extra additions
2. The original was made in that (copy & pasted pattern) sort of way, as were most digital tracks in the early days of the virtual DAW or tracker in most cases back then (I did this on purpose to retain that old 90's loop feel, which it seems that most people appreciated).
3. 3/10 is ridiculously harsh, I understand that this isn't a big flashy skrillex song... but downtempo has it's place in the musical realm. exciting to YOU or not, this track has solid mixing and use of effects AND I voice acted out all of the original vocal lines to recreate EVERYTHING without using the original; THAT diserves a little more credit than a 3/10 good sir. I feel as if you have let your personal feelings affect your judgement on this one friend, no doubt.

Catchy. Sounds like something you'd hear in The Sims or like those commercials trying to have that hip vibe.

DreamEater responds:

Thanks very much bro, that's exactly what I was going for ;D

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2013
8:34 PM EDT
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