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==SevenStar== Episode 005

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Us folks down at xh4ck have worked really hard on this wonderful flash.

Ode to Bortner

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Fuckin Retard

Dude what in the fuck is your problem. Someone is gonna sue you for putting that on. Someone could die from that cuz of Epilepsy. Your a fuckin retard. I swear you need to just stop living or something. Fuckin idot...

Gavin responds:


all i can say is....

XD XD XD XD XD XD XD Lol caught me off gaurd....

Gavin responds:

XD tehteh


can you say epileptic seizure??

Gavin responds:

can you say


Hah! Wow you guys are terrible. I must honestly say after a while that flash had me laughing but this is not portal material. Sorry, try again though. You really do have something with those intros. If you really could only extend you attention spans.


Gavin responds:

t3h teh w00pa

made it past the portal homie

oh yea, that was really scary

not. it was short and not even a flash. please make a real flash and not this garbage that gets blammed before it makes it pass judgment

Gavin responds:


it made it past judgement