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Clayland - Skateboarding

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Author Comments

New update, could you guys please submit this to the skating collection? Thanks!

know, what a big deal it is. If people end up liking the lip sync in my movies i'll keep on using it. If people end up hating it, i'll lose it, so basically it's one or the other. Anyway, a lot of people have been asking me whatever happened to Stop-Motion Racers, well I decided to scrap that project a while back do due school and homework reasons. But anyway, enjoy the movie!

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I like the lip syncing but it's a little slower than the movements the clay people make. I like it though. Do more PLz. Now it looks like Chicken Run or Wallace and Gromit. :^)


Very cool clay movie man. I like the lip syncing, so keep using it! I also like the detail of the eyes and nose. I can see why this one is kinda short, you had all those mouths to put on and off. And to make them be still...man.....How long did it take?

Oh and I'm making a claymation now that has lip syncing so look out for it!


Well, lets see here... in 2005, you wanted to be like knox, and made some all right movies. In 2006 you improved, by having human characters. In 2007, you use lipsyncing. This could be the year where you become so famous that you could be in the clay section! Anyway, my suggestions: the lipsyncing was good for a start, but you're not freemont yet. You might want to make the lipsyncing better by making the changes in mouths more subtle. Maybe you should make more mouths. Also, please don't do that whole "random shooting" thing. That's kind of ripping off knox. If you are going to do that, I'd suggest making the animation better. And you might want to avoid the Cactaur sounding voice for your characters. Use more normal voices, and people won't say, "Go through puberty, 10-year old". And I love how you used other props (ex. Skating ramp). Another thing is that their eyes and mouths were way too big. Try to make them smaller, otherwise they look more cartoony, and I know your going for the whole "human" characters. In additon, try to make their clothes more detailed (pockets, text , etc). One last peice of advice. Their mouths looked like they were bulging out. Don't make their mouths bulge out so much. You can be better than knox if you just work at it more!


The lip sync was great, the story was hilarious, and the characters look better than before! KEEP UP THE LIP SYNCING!

TechFlash responds:

Thanks, and yes I will keep using lip sync.


cough cough.

that sucked so bad it was unbeliveable. whats with the matrix loading screen? and oh yeah don't use lips sync again!

TechFlash responds:

you know whats even weirder? The fact that you have no movies yourself! Tsk, tsk, tsk, must try harder than THAT little man.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2007
6:27 PM EST