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A music flash to go with my music peice, 'Homeland'. If you want to listen to and/or download the full song, there's a button at the end. Sound quality won't be at it's best, flash compresses it for some reason. Feel free to leave a review, I respond to most of them.

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Nice try

{- The good -}

I like the way you used your own song, the movie had a nice message to it and the concept was good.

{- Improvements -}

The visuals were pretty shoddy and the animation poor, and you could have had sound effects along the music, as the music is pretty basic and simple. If your serious about making movies, take more time on them.

{- Overall -}

Pleaty of room for improvement, but this remains a decent flash that deserved to get through the portal.

{-- Review Request Club --}


It was cool of you to use your own song in a video witch not many people aculy do. This flash was pretty cool. I liked the whole concept about how the world is getting worse and worse.

The thing about this was that it was difficult to tell what the words were. Subtitles would have been a nice bonus. Well Once again the graphics and animation were lacking. I can see some improvment in this one to some of your others. Your definitly getting better.

Pretty Good movie

~Review Request Club~

Timsplosion responds:

Glad that overall you liked it. Yeh, I get a lot of reviews mentioning using my own song coming to this flash. Subtitles? Hey, that's not a half bad idea, once I've finished working on my next flash, I may come back to this one and do that. Thx for the advice, and thx for the review.


^^Good Points^^
You don't have much of a singing voice, but hell, I have to give you credit for using your own song, which is something rare on NG. I liked the lyrics, very meaningful and interesting. You stayed with the lyrics in the animations and had some creative drawings.

^^Needs Improving^^
Just like your last movie, the graphics really hurt this. You don't have very good drawings, especially the people, and the fact that there is very little shading really makes this look unprofessional. Also, try to get a better quality in the audio.

Review Request Club

Timsplosion responds:

Glad you liked it. Yeh, with the audio, it's the equipment I use. (Let's just say it's not exactly proffessional equipment)Well, thx for the advice, and thx for the review.

cool one

a littl short, but that was a pretty nice animation. the drawings in this one were quite good, nice choice of audio... then again, glad to see people submitting audio to the audio portal and using in their own animations as well.... nice to see, it offered some good entertainment, had a good concept to it and your efforts were nice.

Timsplosion responds:

Glad you liked it, and the audio. Don't get that very often about this song, thx for the review.

It had a good purpose.

__The Good__
The style was good in this flash. I liked the idea of this flash and it was a really good idea to make something like this. The song was decent.

__The Bad__
The graphics weren't very good. Everything was poorly drawn, it should have looked a lot better. The song should have been of better quality. The flash also got boring after awhile, should have been more interesting.

__Over All__
A flash that had a good purpose. Nice try on this flash, keep up the good work!

{Review Request Club}

Timsplosion responds:

Well, glad you liked it. Every flash has it's draw backs, I guess this one's is its graphics. Thx for the review.

Credits & Info

3.37 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2006
6:55 PM EST
Music Video