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Endless Dream: Conclusion

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[Wow! 2nd place! That's awesome, I am really glad that the viewers enjoyed the concluding episode for the Endless Dream Series. Thank you for the vote and support. I hope my next series can be as successful as this one.]

This will be my final installment for the Endless Dream Series. There is a lot of reading so be aware of that. It was great making these Endless Dream Episodes. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy watching!

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This was good, it had an artistic feel to it, which i liked, also it flowed pleasently like the song of choice, really a well done peice, i would love to see more like this, keep up the good work

Its perfect

A pleasent video



I've watched all the episodes, i agree with alot of what you said in here.
It is true that dreams do not require a perception of time, and also something you may not have noticed or may have, i don't know, is that you can experience many different events at the same time in a dream. There is no beginning there is no end, it does tell a story your right. Once you master your dreams you can control your emotions from there also, your dreams are a representation of your emotional state taking place in a physical type of image making it easier for you to look inside. When you gain the ability to control your dreams and change your surroundings in the dream, your emotional state can change along with it, quite and easy way to deal with your problems I've discovered.
What you said in this video about the perception of time in your dreams can apply in the physical world as well. If you think about it, time is just movement and change. Time is just hands on a clock, what we consider day and night is just the earth rotating, what we consider aging is just decay from movement and change. Time isn't really there yet the base of our lives surround it. Now someone may argue that you can't move backward in time, but that is because we take into account that time is there and believe it with all of our being, so if we believe it so strongly then how are we supposed to defy a law / limit we have created for ourselves? We've set limits on ourselves for too long, really anything is possible, it is just a matter of if someone is willing to defy or question this reality that defines how much they are able to do. Though it is very hard to reach a point where you can go against all the rules that we have set for ourselves because ever since we were born we started creating the rules and we have been told how to think. But, if we can reach a point where the laws of this reality no longer apply to us, all is possible. It just takes will power and the ability to question the system of things.
After you have read this, please read it again without looking at everything i have said and just disregarding it, read it and have an open mind about it. As you can probably tell, i was not raised with any religion, i was taught to find my own answers and follow my own path, because if you look at people who followed someone else's path they haven't gotten anywhere. For example, look at religion, people follow the teachings of Jesus, Budah, Muhammad, etc.. and i mean thats good to a point, cause it can guide you in the right direction. They have all achieved "enlightenment" but look at the followers of them, has ANYONE after them who followed the religions ever achieved enlightenment? The answer is no, because they take their teachings and make it their own path and they ignore their own challenges they have to face. People should follow their own path, not someone else's. Now someone may argue with me and say that for example Jesus, Budah, and Muhammad were following god's path, well i guess that is true to an extent, but if they were following gods path then they would be god. They were following their own path that they thought god would want them to follow, and it worked for them because they weren't following someone else.
But, i digress, haha majorly.
i hope you've taken what i've said into consideration.
great movie series.

- Aaron.

By the way, if you have any questions e-mail me at djuntold@gmail.com
or talk to me on msn: uber321@hotmail.com
or just pm me!


like the last guy said, there were a few typos, but that didn't really matter, it was still awesome, but i have one question: WHERE CAN I GET THAT MUSIC?!?

it was sweet xD

i think you could make more stuff like it and improve your art skills, but i still think it deserved (at least) the 2nd place it got

B4d Philosophisofey

Graphics- Mediocre and sketchy. The style went with the theme, but was still sorta plain. The music was good and clear. A lot of typos kinda takes away the feel of the flash. Other than that it had that fantasy feel i could tell the flash was going for so thats a +.

This is to help the author...

Ok philosophy Majors heres the deal. You think you are very smart and deep inside but your nothing. "on no it has a shallow story line and the psyco babble is crap" to those of you who say that, Shut up.
The Psycological issues told in these flashes run deeper then you know. That is rule number one is philosophy. (excuse any and all grammer mistakes im kinda tired) Look for deeper meaning. Hes not just talking about dreams you morons. Hes talking about life. Before I hit on that I best talk about the story for that is the key for everyone here before I attack the philisophical morons. Ok yes it looks skin deep. Yes he changed the castle to boat to island to whatever else. Maybe he did it on purpose? If you have a dream, does it not constantly change. Things happen but once revisited they dont. The changing it from calling it boat to when it was castle was probably a mistake on his part. Maybe the castle was a boat and upon thinking this his mind pushed castle out and put boat in. I dont know. It still is ok to me. Now the morons. Life. Existinace. Liniar Time. Reality. Repression. All this and more makes up the key components to this Flash. The boy was but a messenger. Broaden your minds people. If you are in either Psycology or Philosophy this flash is for you. But of course you cant contemplate anything beyond your own thumbnail. Open ended questions. Makes you think. You may think they are stupid and to me they are a little dull but still. He asked them. In my honest to God opinion I think he did it for this purpose. To open our minds just enough to let what he was saying in. To gain the information he bestowed upon us. All this he did. And more. If any of you can fully comprehend the sence if no logic and you still knock this on its philisophical stand points then I say foreshame upon you. But Ill tell you what. Tell me the being of nothingness and I shall acknoledge you as a greater man then I. For as I have read, many of you think he is retarded. I not only talk about these reviews but in his other works on Endless Dream. And for my realizations to these things I am better then you. Relise with me and you may be greater then I. Power is of no concern to me. Power is for petty mean. Self Preservation is for the Cold Hearted. Vanity for the Ugly. This is what you all are, those who wont listen. Power hungry, all of you who wont comprehend for you dont want to learn are in vain of yourselfs. You take down others so you will be on top. This and more you are. To those of you though who read this and understand, are far greater then I. I know more then these things but you, who knew not, was willing to try to understand and for that you are greater then I. To the author I thank you for making this. Thank you all who read this, Friend or Foe. Listen, Open your mind, Acknoledge, Comprehend. If you can do that then you are a good man.

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3.50 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2006
6:28 AM EST