Progressive Blobmation

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I put all my best blob animations together to make one big compilation.The slides per second were between 10 to 30.




I dont know what to say!

Teabag Kettle, JPu Productions

mattuiop responds:

thank u

not bad one

that was an alright clay/blobmation. to me, it was clay, but call it what you will.... it was still a decent animation. it had an alright idea to it, though a little bit random overall. your efforts were good, so that definitely made it worth while watching.

mattuiop responds:

thanks 4 the comment

What's with the watermark?

The watermark/HMTL address that is in the middle of the screen is rather distracting and blocks half of the important part to watch. I would remove it and resubmit the flash file. Otherwise, neat idea.

mattuiop responds:

i have NOW!


Do you not have flash or what? Okay you should get flash if you don't have it. And go in flash to file import into library, find the avi, then click open then click next, and embeded video swf and play in timeline at the bottum of deployment. then next next next until it opens, then make a keyframe on the timeline then select that from and drag and drop onto the thing, then make a new layer and add sound.

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mattuiop responds:

dont worry ive now fixs the flash problem

It was ok...

It was dark and hard to see at times. The website address in the middle of the screen didn't help matters either.

Maybe you should vary the music a bit too. One for each time you changed scenes? I just needed a break from the original song.

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mattuiop responds:

i spent a day for each scene and it was the closest timings i can get for the music!

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2.42 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2006
12:31 PM EST
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