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Xtreme Cliff Diving

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Author Comments

Kenney's comment:
Well yeah we were pretty bored and decided to make this game, it turned out pretty awesome :) But hey, that's my opinion go play it yourself to find out.

Luis' comment:
Por favor vota 5. Gracias.

- You can now see more highscores.
- Small graphical changes.

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kenney ben jij een nederlander?

Just fyi, the music that plays when the guy jumps off the cliff is from Dragon Quest as well as the music at the submission screen. The music and the animation are good, but gameplay wise its just so shallow and there's no more reason to play after the 1st attempt other than for the lols.


That is one crazy, greedy, dead dude!

Awesome game.


An add for "movielife.com" makes this game unplayable, furthermore when I first clicked on the game I was diverted to there sight, I had no opinion about the site before this, but thanks to there actions I can conclusively say I HATE them, and if the add was designed to raze the ire of it's targets, than it has succeeded. May contempt rise-up and consume you like a great serpent from the sea!

on a side note, I would have loved to play the game. sounded like ten minuts of hulsom fun, but alas it was not to be.

well this is.........fun!

but i have a question
how can you earn money by cliff jumping???
hey maybe i should do this in real life
to get money but
instead of killing myself i will put a trampoline on where i fall D: