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Update 8/29/2006
I still don't believe it. I woke up this morning and bam daily feature. That's just too cool. I don't have much to say other than thanks to all that felt that this was a some what quality project. I do have to thank some one that thaught me a thing or two about newgrounds and my whole general view and that someone is IceDragon64. A great reviewest all around and someone you definetly want in your corner for great advice.

The only other thing I could really ask for is more reviews so I can try to improve upon my works a little more. I promise to be more reseptive to them.
========================= ==========

This is four of four. The last files to my xmess episode. I hope you enjoyed the project as a whole. It took me a long time to finish and I ran into a lot of difficulties in making it but with decent results. To all at Newgrounds, Have a happy holiday and New Year and I will hopefully see you next project ^^ Oh and thanks to some one out there that restored my faith in new grounds. I don't want to name the individual out due to personel reasons but you know who you are. Thank you very much for the encourage ment and advice. I willtry my best to follow it all to improve my works in the future.

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:) heh

This was cool! It's fun to go through the front page archive and find classics from a ways back. Fun anime! lol

I finally Got to Watching It... XD

So, yeah. Techenosama. Neat.

Where's the not-Christmas of it, anyway? XP But, yeah, I finally got to watching all of it. D: hooray for Zar. Or not.

'Twas good. Not the best, but definitely far from the worst. the fight thing in part 3 was especially well done.

Now i just wanna know the rest of the story. D:

merit44 responds:

Haha! So you ventured out to the darkside of my works hun? The non xmess part of the series is being worked on. It will be off and on in manga form. Glad you liked it though.

Definately deserved the daily feature award.

Wow, this movie was very skillfully assembled. The characters were well developed and the animation was perfectly timed. Could be more hilarious though.

Not bad, I actully got a hang of what was going on

I only feel sorry for Cutter, after all he Lives in a box and was never loved by anyone... all he want is friends but he has serious issues :P... still such a nasty joke is just wrong (( gift thing)) I mean id Kill someone if I got so made fun off... not to mention if I never even got a gift for christmas.

merit44 responds:

Hehe. Don't feel too sorry for Cutter. He's the type to befriend you today shake your hand then when you look down you notice some fingures were shaved off. LOL! I still very glad you enjoyed it and I will try to work on making this clearer so everyone can understand whats going on.

Random... but overall it was good

I watch all 4 part before giving my review. I would have to say my biggest complaint was how random everything was, if there was a story to it you lost me. But I understood that this was going to be pretty random so i focus more on each part and what was going on in each. Beside that, I really like everything else. I felt the voices were done well, animation was very good even though it seem a little rough around the edges now and then, but it was very minor. I felt the background could have been done much better, some scenes the background really seem to stand out while other they just seem weren't crisp or as clear.
I think part three was the best, pervert dragon, nice and soft, and the fighting scenes were very fun to watch.

Overall, I enjoy it, laugh a couple of times and well, also a little confuse ( if there was some story or message).

merit44 responds:

Thankgod! I was beginning to wonder if people were watching all four parts to this. As far as the story goes I think I need to give an in depth explaination as to the history of the characters. This flash was way too early and I see that now. I'm glad you stil liked it though.

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2006
3:14 AM EST