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Author Comments

Please watch the entire thing before voting. This is the first episode of a series I will be making. This cartoon, like my last, was hand-drawn, animated frame-by-frame. It is not colored this time, as that takes way too long. This episode is short, but I hope to make longer episodes in the future. Episode 2 has already been storyboarded, and should be out sometime in April, maybe, as these animations take a looong time to do. In the next episode, you will be introduced to Ordinary Man's arch enemy, but for now, enjoy the unextra-ordinary adventures of Ordinary Man! Special thanks once again to MackProductions for flash conversion/icon and OctoEntandre for the awesome theme.

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About that pop filter...

Someone said to put a sock on it. As an indie musician who has tried all sort of thing I'd definitely recomend using a woman's nylon sock. An ordinary tube sock will make your voice muffled and inaudible, whereas a nylon sock will just filter those pops when you pronounce the P.

So this what started all!! How ordinary is that!

Man! I can't believe I missed this 1st episode, and I still find it hilarious. I can't believe he went thru all that trouble to help that poor, helpless, innocent fat man's most desperate need....for some ketchup on his cold sandwich, or was it a hamburger? Hell, i liked this episode as well, mainly because i can't stop laughing on the part where the narrator describes about the "unsuspecting" ordinary man who turns out to be non-other than....ORDINARY MAN!!! This was awesome, I still can't wait for the 3rd episode.

oh yeah, one more thing. my review on your 2nd episode, i meant to spell out, "call" not "can" on the one-line summary. hope you managed to catch that.

NoComicsComics responds:

Hehe, no worries, I did catch that. I'm glad you got to see the first episode, and I'm glad you liked it so much. Episode 3 will be out maybe towards the end of the summer I hope. I'm working on it now, so hopefully the end of the summer is a realistic goal (That is if I can spend the whole summer doing that and nothing else). Anyhoo, stay tuned. PS: It was a hamburger I guess, I just called it a sandwhich :P

nah man, scr

nah man, don't pay $20 for that shit. Just put a sock on ur mic and tie it on w/ a rubber band, that's what we do in my flash's. This is great anyways. I can tell u really spent some time getting the animation down...After watching episode 2 I could tell ur having fun with this. Keep it up. If ur ever in need for different voices, feel free to contact me & my peeps at ratubaworld

NoComicsComics responds:

Heh, thanks for the offer and the suggestion, I'll give it a shot. Glad you liked them both.

Just take one step back...

This (and the sequel) are lots of fun. But could I suggest that the creators invest in one of those cheap pop screens for your microphone? They cost maybe $20 and will really cut down on that "I'm swallowing the mic" sound. Other than that, good times!

NoComicsComics responds:

Glad you like them. Pop screen for $20 eh? Sounds like that might just be perfect for me, thanks for the suggestion. Also, this is a one-man cartoon, I did everything for it (except Mackproductions who converted it and created the icon). Thanks for your input, it is duely noted.

as said before

u have a great skill for work like this, keepm commin! one of my favorit artist here

NoComicsComics responds:

Ah, great skill, thank you very much. Glad to hear I'm one of your favorites. Keep checking back for Ep. 3.

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2006
4:45 PM EST