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Assassin Q

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--You might have to wait a bit to load--This movie took some time to make. In the middle of production, Motorola came out with a phone called the Q... I decided not to change the name, so I might submit my other movie (using the same thing, except the gun is now the phone) judging on how this does... Please review, if you vote low, please give me your opinion and what I can do to make it better.



so much action and unique fighting methods! well done!

I still like Honky Tonk better

This is very good but I liked the honky tonk one better. Very good, smooth animation, like a few others said, use better drawn figures. The light on the gun shouldn't always be on, maybe only when he's about to shoot. Awsome.


But the ending just sorta lost you a point..3/5 overall, make longer stuff in the future. :) It'll rock.

not bad at all

...I certainly do not prefer stick movies, I think if you can animate a stick you certainly can animate a more complex drawn figure, same concepts apply if you use tweens...

...where did you get your sound effects, been needing some of the ones you used?

overall not bad...


Nice First Submission

This was great for it being your first submission. But, indeed, it needs a little bit more work. The graphics need more work. The trees looked fine but the building look horrible. You should put more detail to it, instead of it being a large rectangle. Also, it wouldn't be a very good choice to put "The Building" because it is obvious that it is a building. Inside the building, there was also a lack of detail. You could have made signs in the walls or doors or anything that would add more detail. The style was good because I liked how the character had a useful gun and had different weapons and uses. Good job on that. The sound was good as well. Great fighting sounds and crystal clear gun sounds and explosions. Good job on picking out the sounds. The only two flaws I found in the sound category were the following. One, the step sound got quite annoying after a while. It might be a good choice to leave that sound out. Two, there wasn't music. On your next edition, try to add music. This animation had plenty violence and was very well animated, but the blood wasn't drawn to well. When drawing the blood, try to draw it in one direction only, because I noticed you drew the blood going vertically and horizontally as well. Keep that in mind when you do the second one. Other than that, nice job on the violence. Overall, on your next submission, try working more on your graphics, include music, draw the blood in one direction only, and it make it more longer. If you do all these stuff, your next installment will be much better. Good on your next submission.

Summary Points: So-so graphics, Nice Style, Crystal clear sound, but annoying footstep sounds, Great violence but blood drawn not very well, ok on length of movie, Nice Frame by frame skills used to animate the stick's movements.

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
9:34 PM EST
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