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Christmas Romance

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I wanted to do an alternative take on the Christmas thought, and this is what it eventually became.

There has been a lot of work to get this done, I have been working on this nonstop for about 2 months. Unfortunately, a lot of content (animated backgrounds for example) had to be scrapped, since my PC couldnt make the SWF otherwise. Yeah, I know, I need to get a new PC...

Ow yeah, this is part of a new world I am trying to create, coexisting with the spirit world I earlier animated something from with my last animation.

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A review of the first version

Well, I reviewed the "new" version already, but I'll also review this older version. I think that some things here are more effective. In particular, the film starts at a more accessible and interesting place; I think that the added-on scenes at the beginning in the new version are unnecessary; they aren't as interesting and don't add anything that isn't revealed in this older edit of the film, plus they begin without any music. Also, I liked the snowflakes in this film a lot more, as they look more interesting and it is clear that they are snowflakes. I wasn't sure what those white circles were in the new version; I thought they might've been specks of dust or something. The film doesn't have the nice animated backgrounds and some other things that the new version does, but on the whole, I think that some of the fundamental elements are stronger, and maybe this is why its rating is currently a little higher.

Also, I find it hard to believe that those extra scenes and animated backgrounds added 15mb to the file size! I have a suspicion that the new file size could've been reduced by a lot without making the film look any worse. Maybe not, but it just seems inefficient. Are all of the animated backgrounds in the newer film just vector images on another layer, or something else?

Cridia responds:

Everything is vector, as is in the new version. I reduced the layers as much as possible; the newer version actually contains less layers. It is a bit strange why the size would skyrocket with the animation present, but that is something I still dont quite get either. Then again, it is not like I am a veteran animator so maybe I will learn in the future.

As for the starting scene; it was a bit of a shame without the music, but this was something I got told by an senior animation student at my school; he found that there was no purpose and that in order to establish a goal, I should have at least introduced the present beforehand. I actually kind of agreed with that which is why the extra scene was added. I couldnt find anything to substitute for the lack of music though, so thats why it was silent.

it seems we disagree about the snow though :P. I was of the opinion that the snow was actually weaker; as it was in a different style than the rest of the animation. The reason why I went with a more simple form was because I found it to fit better than something detailed with a glow. Then again, I highly dislike that typical gradient glow, which was also removed entirely this time around.

Anyways, thanks for your time for responding to this animation as well!

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3.95 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
10:03 AM EST