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Last Stand Trailer

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Merry Christmas everyone!
This is my little special to you guys out there :D
It's just a teaser since the movie is realized some time in February after Project B!


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it was

it was the best fruit based thing ive ever seen i really dont get what the craze is about fruit with things for faces but that was a good flash the only good fruit thingy one but i hate that annoying voice.(high style because its the only good fruit one ive seen)

Epic stuff

I dunno what to wait for: the Void or this.

I'll fave you for this epic trailer.


Oh and this is BoltClock :)

Athi responds:

Thanks :D

I Can't Wait

It looks so damn good. Looks like it has a nice plot behind it and it seems like it has a lot of action in it. I mean god... it just looks good overall. Will definitely watch when it comes out.

Athi responds:

thanks :D Hope you'll enjoy the actual movie once it's done ;D

Surprising to say the least...

This is literally the first time I have watched a clock crew flash and am actually interested and entertained. I am normally not a fan of your flashes, not because they make no sense but just because your flashes are cult so they are either hated of loved. but anyway on to the criticism.

I must say that while the story is not original [then again what is in this day and age] you did a good job at making it interesting enough to wanna see the conclusion, the music fit right in and was in sync with the animation. although i never understood why you chose fruit as characters, maybe because there is less animation, whatever the reason is irrelevant [just curious]. I hope this is not screwed up like other series by other artists, do this right and you have got yourself a hit.....kudos

Athi responds:

Most people on the clock crew use fruit characters. Anyway, I wanted to add pirate clock and also renegade, but I used them too often already. So yeah :D


It really suprised me that a clock crew movie could actually not suck! If you guys don't screw up, I'm looking forward to the conclusion. Great graphics, music, and plot. Try to have a more violance.

Athi responds:

Thanks for that. Although it's just one person working on this (me). Yes, girls too have the skill to make flash :D
Besides, I love the clock crew. Saying that it sucks just means that you are not as skilled as they are XP

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
9:13 AM EST