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Shin ArkAngel - "Project"

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Ok then,
This is something I worked on a while ago, it was a way of Brainstorming ideas for where the series is going to go. It helped me a lot to visually see some ideas as opposed to just writing them down.
Forgive the bad audio quality, this "project" is just something that was pretty broken up (and still is) I tried to throw all the random crap together in some kind of presentation/teaser trailer to the whole show.



Hn, I am taking a liking to your series, especially Shin ArkAngel. Judging from this, it seems to take up alot of my favorite animes. Well, about the flash, I adored your animation. It ran smoothly and cooperated with the different music you attached to it. Great Job.


i suppose it was pretty cool. might try to slow down the parts where it shows the person's name and a picture cuz i know there is something wrong when i have to rewind the movie 12 times just to get all the character/enemy's names down. other than that, an awesome flash with pretty good timeing on the music changes


seems great. just smooth out some ideas and graphics a bit and its almost perfect. lets get some voice in the a?

=('.')=,,,)-- um i thnk its a kitty.

Quite good

The start and the small file size made me thing it was spam but you suprised me with how good the rest of it was, liked it, like battle seizure robots off the simpsons or somethin, graphics were extremely good for the file size, sound was good too, very good submission

What was that?

I know have epilepsy and I have no idea wtf I just watched....that was insanely jumpy...you didnt stay in any one screen for awhile it just ran all over the place like a mouse with a broken foot..in a circle...Animation was pretty great although there wasnt a whole lot of it..but I dont see why you felt the need to post this.

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
4:58 AM EST
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