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A Report on the Inquision

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yeah. This was shown in front of 30 people. I got a 95 on it. That is one of my proudest moments as a human, to be able to screw around like I did.

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all i have to say about this is that it KICKS ASS!!!! THIS WAS AWESOME!!!! 5/5

AH haha

loved it, so wierd and fucked up but just up my street,very monty python indeed, animation was good when you tried, music and audio were amazin too, really good, make more in the same fucked up way, and you should be proud about it, front page material

Preety Good...

Ok, it was a preety good submission. I liked it.

Graphics: The graphics are good, still, some improvement is needed, although, they were preety satisfatory.

Style: Same thing as the graphics.

Sound: As you saw, I gave you a 10. The initial music conquered
me. The overall wasn't 10, but, I made an exception.

Humor: Some humor, a little gag is always good, I like it.

So, my final grade is:

Differant, liked your drawings and the theme.

Original and abstract. I dont know if those creatures were hand drawn and scanned, but I like them. I wish there were more flashes like yours. I like the subject matter of the inquisition. I wish more people would make a flash about somthing historical or meaningful and present it in an abstract way like you did. Thanks.