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Treasure Trawler

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this game won the ACMI ScreenIt award for best game in secondary school cat

watch you oxygen and buy more at the end of the level if u need more

This game was made in about in about 5 days for a competition , we stayed up until 4 hours before the deadline getting it finished then took it to ACMI in Melbourne at 8 in the morning.



Another nice game by you. The graphics are nice and simple, the gameplay is smooth and the controls are easy. Ever thought coworking with a graphic artist though? You could make masterpieces like that, you're great at programming but the graphics could be so much more proffesional. Keep working though, love your game ideas.


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I'm very impressed for a five day work period. I believe you should re-release this in a more complete form, because some of the elements are very creative.

In particular, I found the way that the ships dropped money to be visually pleasing, and it looks polished.

Your overall visuals weren't super stellar, some of the water could possibly be a mix of blues? Either way, it accomplished what it had to do, so I gave you a lenient rating.

I like your work, please make more games and movies, you show a lot of promise.

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Fun and relaxing to play, but

Great game.

Fun to play. The races give it some diversity. I like the shop. Music is thoroughly relaxing.

I did find the race system could have perhaps been better explained in-game (I restarted and read the instructions) and felt that in the shop you should have explained exactly how much of whatever our money would buy. E.g. how many torpedoes does 50 buy? no way to know without spending the cash!

I found the end disappointing. I was kinda hoping for more new elements to be introduced or maybe an increase in difficulty. After level 3 though, it seems we've seen it all.

Fun and relaxing to play, but needs more challenge and perhaps a bit more diversity.

Keep up the good work!

cool one

a simple, yet very fun game. all this one really needed was a bigger challenge or a difficulty setting.


Theres no purpose and to the last reviewer. This game is even close to one of the best games on NG there is no competition for other games on NG compared to this. Anyways its boring and I rated a 2

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3.45 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2006
1:54 AM EST
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