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Break in and your fired 8

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Info: 3 mins and 30 secs, 2.73 Mbs, Comedy, Made in Flash 5

Description: Well, in this episode Conan O' Brien begins to crack a joke about Donald Trump. The joke is about Trump divorsing his wife, which is not happening might I add. So, Trump wants to end this joke making once and for all. Will he get what he wants? Or walk out confused and unsatisfied? You'll half to watch and see.

If you watch Late Night with Conan O' Brien, you'll enjoy this cartoon!

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Nice movie

Pretty nice, although you should really get a new mic.
And i also suggest a upgrade to Flash 8. It has much better compression options, and it works MUCH FASTER (i used to stick with flash 5 when mx was out, cause it's way different. But its really worth it to switch)

Anyways, nice movie



trump...... halar!!!!! loved it... and this was done on flash 5.... geeze... i have flash 8 and i cant even come close to this great of excelence!!!! good job!!!



godzilla is a dinosaur

Drumunit responds:


Looked and sounded great

All the characters looked great, except Donald Trump wasn't perfect, as his hair is starting to go gray in real life. The parodizing of all the shown characters was great, as Jay Leno DOES have a huge chin after all. But after the movie, why couldn't he have bursted in with his special car to make his cameo appearance? You HAVE seen Jay Leno's car, right? So all in all, it was funny considering the situation everyone was being put in on the movie. How long do you consider keeping this series alive?

Drumunit responds:

Thanks alot :) Yes, I have seen Jay's car. I wanted something like that to happen. But the animation was already 50% done and I could'nt change the audio there to put in a sound effect for that. =P I plan to keep the series alive as long as I can. Its just something I really enjoy working on.

funny lol

yea its really funny cause they do that on the show too. and jay lenno does have a really big chin thingy