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The PETA Collab

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Here is a tribute to Vegans, Vegitarians, and animal rights activists of all kinds.
This collaboration was brought to you by FrozenFire, Duck Duck Sheep, and the letter BHB.


EDIT: I hate having to explain the humor in something, but as I WAS only 16 when I uploaded this, many people were lead to believe I did not understand irony, I guess.
I WAS a vegetarian. Never a PETA supporter, but a vegetarian. I am and always have been a bleeding-heart liberal, and I care about animals rights.

If you do your research, You'll find PETA does more harm than good for animal rights. This doesn't reflect the feelings of everyone involved, but it does give you the proper perspective as to why I did this.

Now that you've made me effectively ruin the joke, I hope you're goddamn happy with yourself.

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This flash has made my day!! ^____^ Also for any of you PETAfags out there, STFU! There's a difference between animal rights and animal welfare. If I were you, hippies, support animal welfare!

Animals eat meat all the time, people kill farm animals humanely, people skin animals humanely, it's against the law to kill endangered species, and guess what? WE HUMANS ARE ANIMALS TOO! WE'RE CALLED "HOMO SAPIENS". GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK, FUCKING TOFU SKULLS!!!!

Let this be a lesson to you all, say no to PETA! Say yes to ASPCA and others who are connected to it! ^~

Anyways, great job you guys!!! ^____^

Good Men

Well done, this needed to be done. Meat is the only true food humans should be eating.


Dude,you shouldn't have put this up.Many people care about animals.If you don't care,fine but don't be playe' hating.


your not killing an animal to sustain your own life.

Your buying meat from a grocery store... what happens to it before it gets there is far from being "natural" like what your essentially claiming your eating of meat to be.

The extinguishing of one life to sustain your own is not wrong, so eating meat is not wrong either. The meat industry however, and this includes free range farms... is ridiculous.

So you know.. stop being a b*tch and go smack a rabbit in the head with a rock if you want to eat meat you insensitive humanist ignoramous/s.

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