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Fuzz's Purple and lime

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Author Comments

*Flash player 8 required*
I hope you enjoy the second in the series, this is longer and even more action-packed. It is a short animation involving two teams of blobs, purple and lime.
Its themed on paint, hence the title screen i made for it.
I hope you enjoy! :D please leave some reviews.
MusicL: "No tomorrow" by the orsons

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the other,

++++ Great style. The colours and uncoloured lines work well together. It really is a unique way of animating/drawing and visually striking.

+++ Some amusing events. Fave parts were the lime swarm appearing and the zig-zag line breath.

+++ Great text.

- I felt the 'purple' was a bit too close to the lime. and maybe a bit unsaturated. Like maybe it should be a deeper, more royal colour. Maybe like an aubergine.

-- The liquid has a distracting jump in the loop (on the left hand side, where it falls from max to min height, in like 1 frame.)

--- All ends just as we're really getting into it... limited in nature.

-- Music on/off button doesn't really work. I mean, if we try and turn it off, it keeps coming back on.

??? Being properly synched could make it a lot stronger.

Like the other, I enjoyed it, but the length and sudden end did irritate me.

fuzz responds:

Thank you for your detailed review.

I was aiming for a piece that had style and im glad you piced up on that. I used bold colours, this could have effected my score because some people just want dark dingy black and grey. The text is standard in all my animations now, i love the font!
Yeah, maybe the purple was too similar and it didnt have quite as good an effect as my last two colour choices in my previous animation.
The liquid, it was fbf but that was too jumpy so i shape tweened the frames so they smoothly went to the next frame. Unfortunatly that didnt work 100% as planned, i will practice my fbf water skills!

Anyway, thanks for your helpfull review and im glad you enjoyed it :)


^^Good Points^^
This movie stands out to me as very unique. The graphics were very interesting. The bright pink color for background isn't something most artists would do, so good job on taking some risks with this movie. The animations were very smooth, great for a FBF movie. The music was definitely good, and overall just an interesting movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
This movie would be a lot better if the fighting had more to it. The movie is rather short, and you didn't get entirely creative with the fighting that went on. I was expecting a little more with the first impression I got.

Good job

You did a pretty good job on this. The graphics were nice and the undetailed background suited the characters nicely. The style was good as well. The characters are unique and very well animated. The music fitted the animation well but the lack of sound effects lowered the sound's score. It would have been great if you would have added sounds, squishy sounds for the blob characters, and some kind of explosion sound for when the tank fired. It was still kind of short, but it improved greatly over the length of the first one you made. Overall, nice job on this and good luck on your future submissions.

Summary Points: Good graphics, great style, suitable music, but there was a lack of sound effects, so-so on length of movie.

screw plotline, it was still good

i am trying to show help only through ideas because this will definetley improve with length and scenery. maybe while green is fightin da purple their will be alot of green and then the purple runs away into a change of settings and find some thing or a recruit or something. i dunno, it was killer for a short though.

Very nice!

A very well executed short. Graphics were good, looked like something my friends and I would draw on paper and make into a mini comic heh. This had a nice theme to it and the overall style went great with the animation and graphics. Keep up the good work and remember, practice makes perfect!

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2006
4:40 PM EST