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Hylight Dance Off

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Comic- www.freewebs.com/kae_chu

::I respond to all reviews::

Seriously, making this was almost as fun as watching it. I put a heck of a lot of work into this for the past 5 or 6 days and it really paid off.

I'd really like to thank HomoSapiensMom (Spare Silver Jello) for beta testing. It made it way better than it already was.
Anyway, post any glitches in your review. Thanks, and Enjoy!

Music Credits-

CC Music Factory- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Crazy Train- Butterfly (Come My lady)
Eiffel 65- I'm Blue
Toshiro Masuda - The Raising Fighting Spirit
Findsounds.com and Google- Sound FX

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Pretty funny

It was nice to see a sprite movie that wasn't just a fight scene between two characters from difrent games. The music used in this flash was good. You used a decent song for each character that went with the dance they did. The sprites were used nicely. Im not sure if you edited the sprites yourself to make them dance but they were good either way.

Well one thing I didn't like was that there was no voice acting. Its not very fun to have to click the next button and read the dialog. Another thing I didn't like was that when the characters were talking there was nothing going on. You could of made a simple movieclip of Link or Mario doing there little shifting in place thing.

A decent movie. Has some comedy

~Review Request Club~

spare-jello responds:

I thought about voice acting, but it's kinda hard to find someone that can do voices for mario... and... well... Link doesn't really seem to talk much. Anyway, about the 'shifting' thing, it's a great Idea that I SHOULD have used. Anyway, thanks for reviewing.

Great idea!

__The Good__
The sprites were good, I liked the characters you used and the backgrounds were nice too. The style of this flash was great, this was a very nice idea to make. The music used in the menu and the flash were perfect. Great songs and they fit well. I thought this was pretty funny too.

__The Bad__
I thought it was pretty short, you should have made it longer.

__Over All__
A good flash about dancing. Nice job on this flash, keep up the good work!

{Review Request Club}

spare-jello responds:

Short... Hm. It was just a side project, but thanks for giving me a heads-up. If I make something like this again, I'll be sure to make it longer.


The sprites were in pretty good quality and they were original too. The musics were cool. There was little violence. You had some buttons. Not much humor.

To improve, add more humor and violence. Also make it longer. Give the movie a different ending too

Review Request Club

spare-jello responds:

Humor and violence... sorry, but it's not my slice of the cake. Anyway, thanks for reviewing.


^^Good Points^^
Ahh, it's really boring to see all of these conflict movies between bowser and Mario, but you did something special with this one. A Dance-off, which is completely original. I thought you had great animations in this. The dance moves were pretty cool, and you manipulated the sprites very well. The music choices were all good dance songs, and I really thought this was a pretty special movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
No really clear ending to this movie. You basically just had the players dance off, and then that was it. Something should definitely be added to the end of this to give it a more definite ending. Perhaps something like VGDC used to do with a "pick your own winner" type ending.

Review Request Club.

spare-jello responds:

Hmmm... I like the 'pick your own winner' thing, but I think it's way overused. Anyway, thanks for the review and the compliments.

Amazing... Simply Amazing.

This is fantastic. A 10 only comes to those who really deserve it. This is worthy of one. I like the amazing story and overall Amime feeling of it. This is worth some kind of an award. Whatever it may be. I absolutely love this. This is totally going on my favorite submissions list.

spare-jello responds:

That sarcasm was so thick I could cut it with a knife.