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A brief summery of D.B.Z.

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Author Comments

I have been working on this for a long time. basicly the idea just came up while reminising about Dragon Ball Z. *sigh* the glory days

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What is happening to Newgrounds?

Hey man this may or may not be your doing but somehow this flash is on the "Best of all time" list. It doesn't take a genius to see that this flash is not the best Newgrounds has to offer, so wtf? Not only is this flash old as crap but it has less than 1000 votes, other titles that have been on the list have nearly a million views and half as many votes. LOOK WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY IS THIS HERE AND WHY ARE THERE OTHER FLASHES LIKE IT HERE


It was brillant. Animation and voicing were so awfull it made it brillant. The actually obervational comedy was great and i dnt even follow the show that much and i found it great. Humour is the key to acheiving a FP and this did it. There is hope for us all !


Once I watch this supposed animation I felt insulted. All this is, is one extremely long explanation with crap graphics. I'll give you props for having to do all the dialogue..but, seriously? This has been done to death and people still make more dbz spoofs...I can't award you any stars for the still frame 'animation'.

It's decent

A lot of people have spoofed the stuff in "Dragonball Z" but it's the sort of thing that just never gets old. I felt that this went on a little too long just like an episode of the show itself! It was great how you apologized to me for sitting all the way through. I do wish that the animation was as good as what I saw on the loading screen! I can of course tell it was not intended to be anything that well animated, just a parody. You did a pretty accurate represenation of the episodes.

The best part was probably how you mentioned the other characters being useless. Dragonball Z just has that to a ridiculous extent with no one but the Saiyans getting any good shots on. Vegeta's role is pretty much a good example here. He always complained about not being the strongest, yet every other character couldn't even do anything useful! I like the visual puns, especially the "but/butt".

You hit the nail on the head!

Thats exactly what hapends!
exept for in the place I used to live they swiched to the anoying "tree of might"

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
3:52 PM EST