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Christmas of Doom

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EDITs: As some seem to have found it hard to hit the chimneys with presents, I edited the script so it's now easier.

Also, I made the minigun a bit more loosely mounted so as to make up for the Grinches' advantage in maneuverability.

///////////////////////// /////

My first submission, enjoy.

Drop presents down chimneys for cookies and bomb naughty children for fun. And don't let the Grinches get you.
P - pause
Z - drop presents
X - drop bombs
Space - super-accelerate
mouse movement - steering
mouse button - shooting

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GooD wokr qrak :)

Nice game


a little simple game, but the 'christmas of doom' concept was pretty good, the game itself was a lot of fun, great controls/gameplay, nice graphics, decent humour and action and it was a pretty good way to kill off time.
nice work on this one.


^^Good Points^^
This is definitely a good concept, and it started off very good. I was impressed in the beginning. The graphics were good, the controls were easy to understand, and the game just had an upbeat mood to it.

^^Needs Improving^^
However, soon after starting the game, I noticed problems. I drove by a few houses, missed the first few getting adjusted to the game, and then after about five houses went by, there was nothing else. No houses under me no matter how long I went along the cityscape. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed. I would have liked the game much more had this game actually worked half way.

Qrak responds:

There are only six houses on the first level, so no matter where you fly there won't be any more until you complete it. There are more buildings each level though.

Why didn't this get a higher score??

IMHO, this is the best Santa present drop/bomb raid game this year. 5

Not bad

Had the same problem as the last guy, though. Even tho I dropped presents dead on the houses, it wouldn't count it as being delivered

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2006
10:13 AM EST