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Christmas Jerkbot

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1:58 (2830 frames)
My Christmas project, spent ages trying to get the sync right! Set to the song "Montage" by Trey Parker, it follows the journey of a robot trying to become the biggest jerk in the world. A bit trippy, mostly because I've been staying awake 'till 3am to get it done. Enjoy!

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^^Good Points^^
The graphics in this movie were pretty good. Detailed shading in this and cool animations as well. I liked the scenes with the bands best, and not a bad job animating and drawing to fit the lyrics.

^^Needs Improving^^
Ok, it didn't have much to do with Christmas in my opinion.

wuznt bad

hey this wuznt bad at all and in fact i liked it! but theres just one problem. in ur info page at the end u said "find the easter eggs!" i cant find any of them. help me... maybe im just stupid. but other than that i wuz a pretty ok cartoon. not the best but i dont expect everyone to be. keep it up!

p.s. the baby on the wall wuz semi-random lol. but it wuz funny so i gave violence a 10 and humor a 7


It was just a baby...=( lol,pretty good flash