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The return of the RCC

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Alright, so since many commies have kinda registered on our website and left after one post, I'm making a movie about a new website that is currently in process. We are hoping to get many new members from this website.
enjoy the movie and the music.

Special thanks to Athi for making the 3D part of this movie.


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randomly pefekted to the musiac from the angrey russian clock
5ed several times on sepret days

P.S cloud you make a flash with dusk J.r?

sniserly,comrade clock


This was very well done! It's good to see RCC. Is RCC still a branch of the CC?

Dusk responds:

Yes ;)


this is funny and good. i am not good at making flashes so i can't comment on how to improve it. anyway finally a site for us commmunists LOL. but we won't need it once i turen Britian into a communist state MWhAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA. your next America.

Dusk responds:

O crap.. you are about to start a dictatorship :P

The RCC is back?

Eh, I was expecting an epic return...

.. but heck. The commies are back.

Dusk responds:

yeah! The commies are back!