Packing machine mania

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The package sorting machine has gone crazy. Try to catch all the presents before they hit the ground and smashes.
If you miss 10 presents you lose.
Empty the cart into the bin before it gets full.

Move: Arrow keys
Run: Ctrl+Arrow keys


Just one thing.

The elf man turned and the cart moved a good 200 px. That meant that if you over shot the cart you couldn't just turn around to grab the present. Maybe you should have the turn revolve around the center of the cart. Just my 2 cents.

Not too bad.

*The game worked.
*The music was good.
*It had a nice Christmas theme.
*And unlike most games of this type you had a limited amount of space in your cart and had to drop it off, I liked that.

Now the improvements that could be made / problems.

*Sound effects would be nice, just so long as their not too annoying.
*The little guy and the cart needed to be able to move faster, otherwise there's no possible way you could catch them all. And to compinsate for that lost difficulty you could make it take a couple seconds to unload the presents. Perhaps a rate of one present unloads every half second or so?
*The little elf guy needed to be animated, his legs need to move when he walks.
*It could have been drawn better.

Other than that it was ok :)


++ Nice use of that Mario tune. Sounds Christmassy in the context, with nice frantic sound.

----- Speed is way too slow. I found myself getting tired, waiting for stuff to fall...

--- Derivative gameplay.

------ RNG can cause losses - sometimes due to the distance in x and proximity in y of falling presents, we're literally unable to catch both.

A flawed iteration of an old-hat mechanic that adds nothing new.

Not bad but could use some work

I know you're not the expert flash game maker, but this was average in playability. A few flaws were that there was no walking animation for the elf as he moved. Secondly, it would've been more challenging if you had to unload the presents at the conveyer belt one by one instead of having them pile in. But on to the positives about this. This was a nice idea for a christmas kind of thing and the music was an alright choice too. Still, a christmas tune still would've been a bit better as it is christmas after all. So I've decided to help protect this game. I'm sure you can get better along the road.

Nice game

It's not too hard, but not super easy either. And that was a nice composition of music from the Mario game from the old Gameboy? Well anyways, good job!

phyconinja responds:

Thanks mate. We found the music in audio portal, we thought it was nice music the fit to the game and at the same time had a little Christmas feeling in it. I'm going to PM the author tomorrow and thank her.

Glad you liked it. And marry Christmas

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2.97 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2006
6:35 PM EST
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