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Warriors of Aidoios - P2

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Author Comments

See it in HD: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=LPLVKpHg31Q

-=Everything you see in this movie is all shot with a DIGITAL STILL CAMERA and is animated in Flash.=-


The full, merged version of the film can be seen at http://www.zerom3.com/aid oiosfilm/

You can view the original high-quality version at my site.

After three months of delays, distractions, and lots of work, I've finally completed the second part of the film. Note that these two parts are meant to be as one, but due to time and filesize issues (my computer practically freaked out when processing the FLA for Part II), I had to split it up into two parts.

I used quite a bit of in-built filters in Flash this time around to achieve some of the special effects, so the film may have an impact on your system performance.

This film pretty much finished introducing the basic plotline of the story I will be publishing at my site. I'm still pondering whether I should write it as an e-book, or find a talented artist to help me create a manga. That person will have to be quite dedicated in order for this to be a success. If you know anyone, or is interested yourself, please feel free to contact me.

For now though, enjoy the film! ;)

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Not sure if you even still visit here anymore, but I was looking through some of my reviews from when I first joined Newgrounds. As soon as I saw the title I remembered what it was, and how awesome a live frame by frame could come together. It's true what they all say; you could have used a camera and made it in full motion.

That however would defeat the point and purpose of your unique style. Also it would take away from it. I remember why I thoroughly enjoyed these 8 years ago and still do today.


Nice attempt

Nice attempt at making an action short. The photographs you made and edited were beautiful and the setting was very atmospheric.

However, while watching this episode and the previous one, i felt like you don't really know the opportunities and limitations of Flash and stopmotion yet. Making a Kill Bill like action flick isn't the best idea to translate into a stopmotion. Personally I think the beauty in fight scenes is the fluent motion in the movements of the characters which is often more like a choreographed dance rather than a real fight. These photographs result in choppy combat that takes alot of the speed, timing and adrenaline away from the action.

Another disadvantage is that the movie is too ambitious and takes itself too seriously. I'm not saying you should make comedy movies, but it is impossible to create an epic movie with a compelling storyline if there isn't even dialogue in it or some form of character development. I'm sure the storyline looks grand in your head and you are dying to show others how great this is, but the chosen medium and technique and perhaps your current skill and the lack of a budget won't allow you to fully convince the viewer yet.

I'm a sucker for stopmotion though and as an experiment this is quite nice, but it is nowhere near the big action movie it is pretending to be.


Action seems Stiff and slow, but interesting!

I watch'd both videos so far (watched part 1 when it first came out, re-watched it for a refreshment) and overall its a good style with the stills, but i think the action seems a little stiff and slow. Most acions are very under-exagurated and its like every move doesn't phase them. Like the time when he just barely grabbed his sword from the ground, he then blocks a strike as he is laying. He didn't make any reaction taking the block and the girl flew back all so sudden.

Another thing is that the combat seems slow. Most times when you see someone strike with a sword, its almost instant. With this, you can see every frame for atleast a good half second, taking 3 seconds for the weapon to strike... making it look REALLY slow. The last part of the combat though with the flashing show'd massive improvement between both the First movie and this one.

Other than that, im enjoying the style and the girl is beutiful! Be sure to tell her that :). Don't kill her off though, even if it does come to the end of the series, cause if she dies... we'll make a movie about me coming after you for killing them off :)

Keep up the goodwork, just show a little more reaction and speed up the slashing and it'll be beyond amazing!


Interesting, way different.

Compelling, to say the least. I can see why it's a front-pager.

Interesting, although not animated.

"-=Everything you see in this movie is all shot with a DIGITAL STILL CAMERA and is animated in Flash.=-"

Except of course, none of this is an animation. Its just your pictures in sequence. I don't get why this is on the front page. Sure, its interesting, but seems like you made way too much work for yourself. You could have done all of this with a video camera. If you're going to go for stop motion-esque special effects, take advantage of the medium. Do things that you couldn't do with a video camera. And don't call it animation.

Xaroxantu-Zero responds:

Traditional animation involves drawing multiple frames of a subject then playing them in sequence to give the illusion of movement. How is my film any different other than the fact that I used photos instead of cels?

One of the reasons why I used a digital still camera is because of the image quality. It far exceeds the quality of your typical consumer camcorder. Also, I think we've seen enough live-action films that involves physics-defying stunts.

Credits & Info

2.47 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2006
3:23 PM EST