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Tower's Winter Watcher

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Note: This submission is NOT(!) related to the "Tower's Tactics" games.
Note #2: This submission is REALLY FREAKING OLD... so don't judge me on it, k? :D

My second animation and submission to Newgrounds, this only took me a fairly short amount of time to make. Hopefully it's at least slightly enjoyable - I prefer making games rather than animations.

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First.. thanks for using my audio in such a pretty cool way, I like it.

Effort: 10/10 - for sure, I like the moment where the nut bumps against his head :) it was like "*Flup*" pretty funny yeah.

good job, keep it up.
Greetings from germany where christmas is today.

nice one

that was a pretty cool animation. very good drawings in this one, cool audio from the audio portal, quite amusing, a pretty neat idea to it, your efforts were pretty good and it offered some nice entertainment.
i liked this one, nice work.

I agree

It starts slow but over all I like it

Shows promise

Pretty decent for a short flash...it seemed kind of drawn out, it had me saying "what the hell" the whole time and especially when he exploded. Humorous ending and shows effort.


Very nic yoru geting better ndbetter :D.