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The Tape

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Author Comments

Note: I uploaded this recently, but it was signifanctly shorter (just the TV and tape part). Some people felt it lacked backstory, so I've added some stuff and extended the tape.

Reviews will be replied to!

We recently did a 'Film Analysis' of the Ring in english (which is where you rip something already good to pieces, forcing you to justify everything and hence causing you to hate the film and have a new sense of suicide).

After enjoying the experience of this, I decided that I would make a version full of random things that my English Teacher could not justify. The frame rate is 50fps and it only took a night. There is a lot of hidden detail, press pause on a drawing and see! There is also a few hidden messages but no vote 5 ones (I forgot). So vote 5, or else.

Do Not Watch The Tape! -Unless you want to...

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Well it was a bit pointless, the telescope thing was ok but can it have speech perhaps so there can be a story or something. Overall make it longer and better.

Good job

this is a gd flash but i think u should add the origanal and this version so people can compare it, there both great

Lman 3000

boner118 responds:

Thank you, I hope you think that the added bits made the overall movie better.

Okay movie

The graphics were satisfactory although it realy shows that you made this in one night. I kinda enjoyed how you tryed to make it look as if you are the person dropping the change on the counter although it looked more as if you were looking though a telescope then through the viewers eyes.

Like I said before this realy looks like you skimped out of this and did it in a short period of time. The animation in this wasn't particuly great (mostly in the change dropping part). I didn't realy like how you used real picutres and static for the movie. It didn't look very good contrasting with the backgrounds.

An okay movie but you should of worked harder on this.

boner118 responds:

Thank you very much for the fab review. It's good to have a review that you can actually work from. You'll have to excuse the drawings (I am a terrible drawer (even the good ones took ages (that mutilated dude halfway through the tape took like an hour to get right).

Sorry about the eye thing (I didn't know how to make the shape, as if you think when you look there are no borders). I went for one long oval instead of two joined circles, but ye, as you said it looks like a telescope (it's exactly what my brother said).


nice job

i don really care if its 1st person, it jus gives a differeant perspective. anyway, the art was good and evrything so it got a 4

boner118 responds:

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you thought the art was good (it took long enough lol).

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2006
5:05 PM EST