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Downing Street Fighter

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What can’t Evan plat


Not the best fighting game, but better than a lot of one's previous to this. Personally I thought the controls could be improved, but the art of this game is superior to those of the past.

Very simple overall, and gets challenging fast, but due to flash's limitations, it can't be nearly as good as titles such as Street Fighter and Mortal Combat due to the inability to have all the same mechanics.

This needed a lot more work before it was released.

This plays more like Human Killing Machine rather than a proper Street Fighter game.

I mean all the characters all look the same just with different heads, they have the same level music, the portraits are decent however, and your character has a lot (Though very generic) win quotes, at least the characters have different backgrounds.

The controls are too stiff, sometimes you don't get a chance to hit the opponent because he keeps spamming, and you can just spam punches and you win.

Spam X and you win. All I have to say.

For 2001 standards that was an amazing intro! Again for 2001 standards the sfx sound good and the game itself controls very well. I love the locations. I would say something about the music but in 2001 you couldn't just go to incompetech.com and get anything so I won't say anything. Sometimes the characters disappear completely off the screen. I just realized this was coded in AS1. Wow! Also Kennedy was ridiculously hard. I lost twice to him and got a Game Over. Ever heard of third times the charm?