Nightmares of Leia Ray

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A short cinematic experimental adventure game.

*Flash 8 and a couple of gig processor needed to play the game smoothly. Lights off, sound up for added experience*

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I see what you're getting at but the scares are forced. if you want to make a good impression, you need look no further than psycho. make us dread the monster, make him scary and let us feel the fear, not be railroaded towards it. nice art style though

... it's a good college try. HOWEVER...

1. jump scares, done poorly, only work once and become annoying. These almost did.
2. too linear, too short, too watery.
3. learn the lesson of Scratches, Fatal Frame 2 (CB), Yume Nikki and War of the Worlds (1953) - the holy trinity of IMPLICATION + TENSION + BUILD UP makes for 99% of a good game. show it once in the wrong way and you're never scared again. I have played SO MANY of these. ;) please make more polished games in future, ones that truly illustrate what you re trying to accomplish here, whatever that is. you are doing very well, I think (me being only a well-seasoned gamer) and you can do better. ;) I can't wait to see what else you do!


While this isn't a full adventure game in the PC sense; the atmosphere that you were aiming for was impeccable. I remember playing this years ago and thought it was pretty creepy at parts.

Graphics: Interesting mix between black-and-white photography, Photoshop, and Flash. Importing all of those graphics must have been hell, but you did an excellent job compositing them. Plus, you did a great job on the animation even though it was mostly tweened. That and your sparse use of color for a few scenes.
Audio: You did an excellent picking those sound effects, and James' Music fit perfectly. It's surprising that he hasn't considered taking a cue from Kevin McLeod or Zack Striefel.
Content: It may not be as obtuse as other games on here, but what it lacks in challenge; the aforementioned atmosphere and originality compensate for it. Plus, it doesn't try to be more than what it is, which would defeat the point. It's a pity that this isn't as well-known as certain other submissions, but whatever.

The Good:
-Nice mix of mediums
-Clever use of color
-Very atmospheric
-Great audio

The Bad:
-Not much of a challenge when compared to other games.

Overall: I think a nine would be appropriate for this. (4.5/5)

This is a very good game...not at all what I thought it would be...very artistic and nothing at all like the usual "scary, horror" point and click games...very original and creative. I hope you make more as this was too short! but, thank you...great game!

Fun. Atmospheric. Too short. This point-and-click horror game really impressed me (and I was quite shocked to discover that it was made by you, Luka!). The gameplay is fun and mixes point and click elements with a couple puzzles to spice up the gameplay! The black and white artwork looks incredible, and animations such as the black explosion thing and the moving silhouettes looked so smooth they were almost hypnotic. The music was also awesome, and really added to the mood.

A few low points... One, the game was really hard at points when you were just trying to find something to click, forcing me to use the tab button a few times. Second, the 'scares', or dead bodies and shit, seemed kind of cheap and not very effective. Yes, they set the mood, but they didn't draw me INTO it. And of course it ended way, way too soon. My only other complaint is that I felt that for an atmosphere this intriguing and for graphics so great, this really deserved to have a good story, but there really wasn't one.

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4.25 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2006
4:56 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click