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This is my first good animation. Stay tuned for the next episode.



I don´t what to say... everyone is right... it should REALLY use some char. development. Graphics were pretty good but i am still into sloppy animation style. Didn´t really make any sence at all... Humor sucked... but it probably had to be that way..? Well, i hope you make a storyline to the character in the next episode or no-one will understand WTF is going on there...
P.S. You should have used a tougher voice instead of your girly voice ... No offense though, nothing soo personal... Keep up the work...

UZToonZ responds:

it will be in manfly 0.5

it is kinda weird...

the guy below me is right...this could really use some character development...

i mean, i dont understand at all why that guy can fly!

a good animation though
keep up the good work:P

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UZToonZ responds:

it'll be in man fly 0.5

Something went wrong...

With the filesize. There is no way this animation should have been that big, unless you imported an entire dong in and only used a couple seconds of it. As for the animation itself, it was only mediocre, didn't make a whole lot of sense, and had no character development.

UZToonZ responds:

you have a slow internet connection

not bad...

practice makes perfect. dont give up, work on finding your own uniqe style. ;)

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UZToonZ responds:


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1.83 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2006
12:58 PM EST
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