White Tale

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it's christmas, and nobody has to be alone. Don't be lost, and find yourself ;) It's not my best work, but i think this movie is not so bad for a first submission here :)

Happy holidays Newgrounds ;)



Looks like a case of hypothermia-induced delirium to me. Reminds me of "the little match girl" who lights matches and, staring into them, has fantasies of wonderful places, while all the while she's freezing to death. Seriously, it's not a good idea to fall asleep in a light jacket outside sitting in the snow.

Enjoyed it

I loved your flash - the graphics are great and the music really suits the atmosphere of the movie. My only criticism is that the flash is a little too slow, there's nothing much happening in the first half of it, and some viewers may get bored.

Once again, I loved the idea and your overall performance was wonderful. You should make some more movies like this.


Great work. The animation was very well done and the facial expressions were perfect. Definetly nice to see something someone put alot of work into.

Awesome Movie

Congratulations, you did a very superb job on this. The graphics were excellent. They were very well drawn and shaded and blurred. Great job on those. The style was great as well. You didn't need words to explain what was happening in the animation. The expressions on the man's face said it all. Awesome job on that as well. The sound was extremely well executed. The music was great and set the mood for the movie. Although there were some akward moments were the animation was left without sound. There was also a lack of sound effects. (Like when the man got hit by a snowball.) This animation had a great message as well. You executed the message great by making this animation. The one thing I didn't really like was the abrupt ending. It ended suddenly. Other than that, it was great. You have a lot of talent animation wise and you should use it to make other great submissions. Again, very nice job on this and good luck on your future submissions.

Summary Points: Awesome graphics and style, Great use of music, Very nice theme and message, akward at sometimes, great use of animation skills.


Well, it was too slow to keep me interested but I watched it all, although I felt that it's not a flash but a movie from the sixties. The walking was kinda bad also. But enogh with the bad things. Great animation style, I liked it overall.

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3.74 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2006
7:13 AM EST